Decorating a Small Space

There are many things that you should look at when decorating spaces in your home.  You will have to take into consideration the shape of the room as well as its size.  There is also a need for you to identify the amount of sunlight the room gets and, of course, its ambiance.If you find it hard to decorate small areas of your home, the following tips might be a big help:

1. Determine your room’s ambiance

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Does your room always have a cold impression even if it’s so sunny outside?  Maybe you need to drape paint on you walls using the most suitable color.  Light and bright colors like baby blue, light yellow or bright cherry red can sprinkle warmth into your room.  As much as possible, stay away from dark and heavy colors because it will just make the space colder.

You can also try employing simple designs like vertical stripes.  If your room is small, do not go for huge and fancy designs for it will make it look so crowded.  It’s nice to see big prints on walls of bigger rooms, but not on small ones.  It is not easy to decorate a small room, but it is very challenging.

2. Choosing the right colors

Picking out a color is very important, whether your space if big or small.  Before you decorate a small area of your home, you need to spend some time thinking what color you should choose.  You should also have to decide what kind of look you want your room to have.  Do you want it to look elegant, relaxing, spirited or warm?  Whatever you prefer, see to it that you choose the color that will best define your taste.

Once you have decided what color to use, you are now ready to paint your small space.  It is a basic rule in painting to start with the ceiling.  Larger rooms usually have white ceilings, but in smaller rooms, you should opt for a color lighter than the shade of your walls.  The color need not necessarily be similar to the main color.  You can definitely combine different colors in your room as long as they blend well together.

When choosing color combinations, try using a color wheel.  This will make you see if the colors that you chose perfectly jive together.  For instance, the colors blue and green are already very acceptable and they really are a perfect match.

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