Creative Leg-o-matic chair makeover

If you have an old or damaged chair that you once liked but is not fashionable anymore, this doesn’t mean you have to just throw it away. It can still be salvaged with some time and fresh materials. This project shows us how a vintage Leg-o-matic chair can become fresh and modern once again.It’s a creative project, well executed by Janine from Salvage Love. These 1962 chairs were just sitting alone in a local thrift store until Janine spotted them and decide to take them home. She’s very good at DIY projects and saw the potential in these vintage chairs.

First the chairs needed to be unfolded and taken apart. It wasn’t easy but luckily for Janine instructions were included on the chairs themselves. The wooden frame was in good shape. Some small repairs needed to be made here and there just to make the chair seem fresh again.

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Once the frame was like new again, it was time for the upholstery to be taken care of. The old one definitely had to go. In an attempt to preserve the chair’s vintage design, Janine opted for an equally beautiful but slightly more modern pattern. This allowed the chairs to preserve their charm while also getting a small update. As a result, with only some paint and some new linen, the chair is once again usable and ready to be a part of someone’s home.{found on salva}.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on March 13, 2012

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