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This collection of Home Gadget articles covers the whole spectrum of readers – from the self-proclaimed techy to the land-liner, and everyone in between. You’ll find fabulous ideas on how to make your home “smarter” with technology and read about fascinating ultra-modern gadgets that you never even knew existed. You’re sure to love (and be amazed by) what you find here!

Large wall clocks – a reliable decoration for all rooms and styles

Wall clocks are timeless decorative elements and they continue to be used in most homes. The great thing about them is that their basic design and concept is so simple and versatile that it can be adapted to match any type of décor and any room of the house. For example, a large wall clock can make a wonderful decoration for the living room. It can be placed anywhere there’s free space.

In the bathroom.

Contemporary bathroom with a large wall clock with a classic design

But given the fact that wall clocks are both functional pieces and beautiful decorative elements, they can be easily integrated in any room’s décor. In the bedroom you can replace your wall art with an oversized clock hanging above the headboard. In the kitchen you can have a clock on the cabinet door or on a side wall. It can also sit nicely on a shelf. In the dining room an oversized wall clock would also make a beautiful decoration.


Funny Colourful Blimp Light

We live in a world that is governed and ruled by computers. These smart devices tell your car where to go, make your telephone a really smart gadget and are also used for a zillion other useful applications that are art of our lives. Even this Funny Colourful Blimp Light is operated by a computer chip. This chip tells the lamp what colour to have and the sequence of colours it is supposed to display. This way you can have your own private rainbow in the privacy of your room, on your side table or computer desk. This Blimp Light got its name from its shape, as it really looks like a blimp, with the round belly and shape. It is connected to a power source and has a smart computer chip and this turns it into a wonderful collection of colours.


Add warmth and style to your home with the Pyramid bio-fireplace

Nothing makes a home feel cozier than a fireplace. The feeling you get when you sit in front of a fireplace and hear the cracking wood and feel the warmth of the fire is unique and can’t be compared with anything else. Contemporary fireplaces have diminished it by changing the design and even the technology behind it but they brought something else in return. Modern fireplaces are much more practical and they match the decors.

The Pyramid fireplaces offered by Planika Studios bring warmth but also style to your home. Even though their design suggests they are outdoor pieces, they can also be used inside the house. Their simplicity makes them versatile and stylish. They feature a glossy white base and they are made from highly resistant fiberglass polyester laminate. These bio-fireplaces are extremely safe to use. They feature a Commerce burner that uses highly absorbent ceramic fibers thus drastically increasing safety.


Non là – a collection of contemporary ceramic table clocks inspired by the straw hat

Clocks in general, just like mirrors, are some of the most common accessories to see in any home. They have this double function and they are both decorative elements and functional items that help us in our daily lives. Table clocks are particularly interesting because they come in so many shapes and designs. Non là is a great example that shows us how much these designs can vary.

Non là is a ceramic table clock that was designed by Milan-based Studio Klass for Diamantini & Domeniconi. It has a very interesting shape. But the most interesting thing about it is the history behind the design. The clock’s shape was inspired by the famous straw hat which in Vietnamese is called Nón lá, hence the name of the clock. The designer only borrowed the shape of the hat and used it to create a stylized version for the clock.


The power pet electronic pet door – a mart accessory for a smart pet

When you decide to get a pet companion, there are lots of things to take into consideration before actually making the purchase. It you wish to have a dog, you need to decide whether or not you have the space for a large dog or if you should just go ahead and get a cute small dog. Then of course, there’s the biggest problem. If you’re the type of person that enjoys sleeping until noon, a dog is not the best option for you as it needs to be taken for a walk at the first hours of the morning. But there is still hope.

The Power Pet electronic pet door now makes it possible even for those that are a little lazier than they should be to have a dog and to be able to properly care for it. This electronic pet door will let your dog out for it. It does that while also keeping uninvited guests out, something that regular pet doors can’t do. The door comes in several sizes and is available for dogs up to 100 pounds. The price starts from $270 and rises with the dimensions.

The Power Pet door slides vertically in order to let your pet in or out. It does that thanks to its incorporated motor. Not only that, but it’s also a smart door. It opens and closes based on the proximity of an ultrasonic collar that your pet needs to wear in order for the door to function. The door will also sense the direction that the collar is facing to and thus avoids accidental openings. The Power Pet operates on a standards A/C wall adapter or a rechargeable 12V battery. It can be set to in only, out only, in an out as well as closed and locked.

Organize Small Metal Items with Magnet Strips

My family is crazy about fridge magnets. They are so funny and have different sizes and designs. But they are very useful, too, as we use them to pin the messages we want to leave for each other and make sure they are displayed in visible places. So when the kids discovered that magnets attract metal things, they started looking around the house in order to find out which objects are made of metal. That gave me an amazing idea that I have also read some place after that: why don’t we use magnets to keep all small metal items together? That could work just fine in bathroom or kitchen cabinets that are not very big and where we usually keep small things that are sometimes made of metal.

It is actually pretty simple if you come to think of it: you simply glue a magnetic strip on the inside of this cabinet door and use it to pin all small items that are made of metal, for example small scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, etc. Just make sure the magnetic strip is large enough to hold all these items because otherwise it will be too weak to hold them together and you will spread them all over the floor the minute you open the cabinet door.

Functional Valet Hanger by Diogo Frias

Today’s inspired piece is a wall-mounted valet hanger and shelf, an object that is very functional and helps you save up a lot of space. Designed by Diogo Frias this interesting piece has an extremely strange shape that creates mystery about its purpose and functionality.

Nowadays you can choose from more than one valet hangers for your home. Some of them take up a lot of space, but not Andy. The economy of space was a major factor during its development, which is achieved due to unfold in order to fulfill its primary function, the hanger. Folded, a frame of oak is visible only with a simple shape of a hanger cut on it, giving this lovely piece a more sculptural aspect. When not needed, Andy neatly tucks away. Moreover, as as added bonus, the top ledge can be used as either storage or display case.


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