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This collection of Home Gadget articles covers the whole spectrum of readers – from the self-proclaimed techy to the land-liner, and everyone in between. You’ll find fabulous ideas on how to make your home “smarter” with technology and read about fascinating ultra-modern gadgets that you never even knew existed. You’re sure to love (and be amazed by) what you find here!

Make Your Home Smarter With The Best Gadgets Presented At CES 2014

CES or the Consumer Electronics Show is where all new technologies and innovations can be found. It’s a show held in Las Vegas every year and here next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. With more than 3,200 exhibitions and over 152,000 attendees from more than 150 countries,you’re bound to find here something that will transform your life forever. We’ve selected the best 7 products presented this year.

The Worlds’s First Curved UHD TV

Let’s start with the world’s first curved TV presented by Samsung. It’s a 105” LCD with a 21:9 aspect ratio and 5120 x 2160 resolution. By pressing one button the edges of the TV will bend out into a curved shape. It’s an important first step towards flexible screens and we can’t wait to see the next creation in this sense.{found on theverge}.


10 Apps To Help With Your Home Decor Projects

Technology is a wonderful thing. There are so many different apps and online tools available to help people with a variety of projects. And home design is no different. Here are 10 apps to help with various aspects of home design and renovation projects.

Dream Home.


Start your home décor app adventures with some inspiration. Dream Home contains a variety of constantly updated home designs to give you ideas and keep you constantly inspired.Available on iTunes and Android.


S.I.A.M. – Wall Built-in Hood And Induction Cooker

Living alone has its perks although company is often preferred. For example, cooking only for one makes things a little easier. However, it can be difficult to find appliances that fit in a kitchen designed for a single person, if that’s even something you take into consideration. We managed to find such an item.

It’s called S.I.A.M. and it’s a cooker of small dimensions which fits perfectly in a singleton’s kitchen. Visually, it looks very simple and easy to use. It is, indeed, very user-friendly. It’s basically a built-in hood and induction cooker. It allows you to prepare dishes that require stir-frying and you can only prepare one thing at a time because of the dimensions. Circular and minimalist-looking, S.I.A.M. also has a very practical design.


10 Apps That Will Help You To Organize In The Smartphone Age

Staying organized requires hard work but, luckily, technology has brought make improvements on this chapter as well. Nowadays we basically have an app for almost everything. If you check the lifestyle category you’ll find several great apps that will not only allow you to stay organized but it will also let you have fun doing so.


WeShould is a new app that was just released this summer. It’s a personal planner and assistant which you can download on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. It allows you to connect with distant friends, to send them messages and to even buy things. The app offers many other useful features.Found on app store.


Top Best 11 Gadgets For Home Controlled by Smartphone

Today’s smartphones let you do all sorts of ingenious things and the phone function is the least interesting one. You can do your shopping from your phone, you can make notes, control the lights in your home or the security system. Let’s see what else allows you your smartphone to do.

Automatic pet feeder.

Did you know that you can feed your pet from your phone? We’re not talking about ordering pet food online but about actually controlling the pet feeder from the smartphone. It’s all possible thanks to Pintofeed, a contemporary pet feeder that provides food for your pet automatically. All you have to do is connect the feeder to a smartphone and install the Pintofeed app.


20 Futuristic Kitchen Gadgets For A Smart Cooking Experience

Technology is constantly progressing and the kitchen is most likely the best place where you can see that in your home. New gadgets are always becoming available and some of them look like something you might imagine you can find in a kitchen of the future. They are available right now and they’ll make your kitchen look futuristic and up to date.

Bluetooth Speaker and Kitchen Stand.

This simple gadget allows you to watch cooking videos, to listen to music and to search for new recipes while you’re cooking or entertaining your guests. It’s a 2-piece set that includes a speaker and a stand and it allows you to bring your iPad in the kitchen.Available for 197$.


19 Practical And Ingenious Bathroom Gadgets – Keep Up With The Trends

The kitchen and the bathroom are the areas of the house that constantly need changes because technology advances and all sorts of new gadgets and appliances are offered to the consumers. They are meant to make our lives easier and to offer us more comfort along with other improvements. For the bathroom, the following gadgets could definitely be nice additions. They’re not only useful but also fun and good-looking.

Aqueduck Faucet Extender.

The bathroom is often short and this can create problems especially for the children who have trouble reaching it. It’s when this ingenious and good-looking Aquaduck extension comes in very handy. Attach to the tap and that’s all.available for 13$.


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