50 Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

The latest buzz in the world of interiors is the contemporary bathroom design. Contemporary design, which was earlier limited to the living room and bedrooms, is now being carried to the bathroom as well. The contemporary design by Italian company Cesara has its own unique aura, a style and an ambiance which are very difficult to achieve using other types of designs. The clean, fresh and sleek line of contemporary design simply makes the room welcoming and warm.

Expansive bathroom with a view and a cozy corner to admire it from

Straight and simple silhouettes.

Contemporary design always deals with straight and simple silhouettes. So a contemporary bathroom needs to feature straight, clean and neat line. Whether it is the bathroom cabinets, the bath fittings or the bathroom vanity, the silhouettes have to be minimalistic, uncomplicated and simple.

Stylish and spacious bathroom, very similar to a living area


The essence of a contemporary bathroom design can be easily highlighted through the proper use of lighting. The lighting in such a bathroom should be bright. This is because bright and luminous lights simply give way to a sleek and fresh look. If having dimmer light is a must in your bathroom, then you should consider installing accent lights on the wall. Alternatively, get the bathroom designed in such a way that the lighting is focused away from shower area and the tub.

In a casual contemporary bathroom, a ladder makes a nice addition

Organic forms and patterns for a contrasting yet harmonious décor

Chic and delicate silhouettes combined with minimalist forms and colors

By integrating the tub into the floor it will resemble a small pool

A white and burgundy bathroom complemented by shades of grey and brown

Bath fixtures.

Bath fixtures and fittings are known to play a crucial role in the contemporary theme. One piece toilets, simple and sleek shaped tubs, and other accessories and fixtures in combinations of materials, featuring metallic finishes and in subtle and warm shades are some popular elements of contemporary design.

A bathroom with a sitting area for lounging and relaxing

In a contemporary bathroom, built-in storage is extremely popular

Give your bathroom a spa-like feel by choosing the right forms and colors

Accent wall, wall-mounted furniture and a large window with a view

Keep the décor simple but make it stand out with its elegance

A simple décor can become dramatic when the wall add pattern and texture to the mix


All the materials you use in a contemporary bathroom should be authentic. By that what we mean is that you shouldn’t try to hide their true nature. Everything should be straight-forward and pure. Celebrate the materials and allow them to showcase their natural beauty.

An en-suite bathroom often matches the bedroom’s décor

Oversized and colorful artwork makes great focal points in white decors

A bold pattern that captures the essence of the décor in a vibrant way

Color scheme.

The ideal color scheme for a contemporary bathroom should be a blend of neutrals as well as bold colors. To create a spa like feel, choose colors like bright ivory, aqua and silver. White and black color palettes with splashes of bright color such as lemon yellow, hot pink, grass green are also a common detail in contemporary bathrooms. Some other color options you can opt for include: grey, white, red and black; ivory, tan and chocolate brown; yellow, red, ivory and purple.

For a more elegant and classical look, opt for detailed accessories and decorations

You can create a dynamic look for your bathroom by combining forms and colors

A bathroom with a warm color palette and beautiful contrasts

Keep the décor simple but play with shades and textures

Sometimes one eye-catching piece can make the whole room stand out

Cozy and relaxing bathroom featuring a very interesting towel rack

Black and white decors never get old so don’t hesitate to adopt them

Open space.

Regardless of the size of a bathroom, if you decide to give it a contemporary look, you should make sure it feels and looks spacious. Elements such as mirrors, floating vanities, glass shower walls and bright colors can create an overall feeling of lightness and spaciousness.

Rich textures and patterns designed to create a glamorous look

A tall mirror casually leaning against the wall gives the room a more relaxed look

Glass walls and doors often contribute to an overall airy and open décor

Take advantage of the windows and views and set up a sitting corner

Play with forms and colors and create a dynamic effect

Textures are also very important so, for a cozy décor, choose them carefully

Oversized art and light fixtures make fantastic accent details

Think simple but also stand out with your choices for a chic outcome

Simple storage solutions and an airy and stylish décor

The transparency of the shower provides continuity towards the expansive views

Individual spaces with designated colors for a better organization

Neon colors are very powerful and strong so always mix them with neutrals

The light plays an important role in the décor and atmosphere created

For an overall cohesive home décor, make your bathroom match the rest

The white and green combination is very fresh and soothing

Countertops and backsplashes.

Whatever you do, stay away from marble countertops because they’ll make the room look traditional. For contemporary bathrooms, a few interesting options include dark granite, bamboo and countertops that make a statement in general. The backsplash is also a great way to add some character to the space. Choose stone or glass to add flair to the design but stay away from ceramic tiles.

Add warmth and texture to your bathroom by using wooden furniture

An eclectic bathroom interior with a variety of textures, finishes and colors

A minimalist décor with bold accent details and built-in furniture

A very simple bathroom interior with a romantic atmosphere

Make your bathroom feel like a part of your home and it will become more inviting

Exploit the layout and views by using the right forms and colors

Yellow is a strong but also cheerful color and it light up the décor

Powerful colors and an eye-catching chandelier sitting in the center

Allow yourself to feel comfortable in the bathroom while also thinking practically

Don’t hesitate to combine styles for an original décor

An interesting combination of simple and luxurious


Decorations used in a contemporary bathrooms should be very minimal. In addition, they should also be in alignment with the color scheme. Make sure that the decorative items feature a single color and material.

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  • cnico says:

    Love this post… thank you so much for the wonderful photos and design ideas.

  • rajeev verma says:

    These bathrooms are better than my bedroom.Simply amazing.I am stunned.

  • Dr.Daisy saran says:

    something very different than other bathroom designs. when we are inside the bathroom, it should not make us moody and lonely. but when i see this bathrooms, it is so lively, feel us free, bright. This designs make us to feel, even if a brilliant constructor designs, even he could make a bathroom as a entertainment room, or as a living room. so different lively designs, hats off by Dr.Daisy saran,


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