20 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

There’s still plenty of time to decide on a nice gift for Mother’s Day but it’s never too early to explore options. This day is very special. Not everyone has a girlfriend, a wife or a husband but everybody has a mother. This is the day when you get to remind her how much she means to you. It’s the day when you get to do something special just for her. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. In fact, mothers appreciate a gift even more if you’ve made it yourself. Here are a few great ideas:

Happy mother’s day.

Here’s a very simple idea for a gift: a few printables that you can use to make a nice gesture. The set includes a card, a tag and chevron pattern with which you can decorate your gift. It’s a nice and easy way of sprucing up the day.{found on 74limelane}.

Canvas photo.

They say a photo is worth a million words. Well, that tends to be true. A nice gesture would be to make a canvas photo. The supplies you’ll be needing include a canvas a photo, mod podge, scrapbook paper and acrylic paint. Cut strips of scrapbook paper and glue them on each side, then glue the photo to the canvas and then apply a coat of mod podge over the entire surface. Let it dry and then cover any spaces remained uncovered with acrylic paint.{found on thegirlinspired}.


Mothers love flowers but a bouquet bought from the shop seems a little impersonal. So why not make something yourself? Take a large piece of wood or sheet metal, magnetic primer, a paint brush, an empty tin can, twine, tags, a stamp, magnets, plants, soil and a mini flag and get to work. You’ll make a wonderful planter in no time.{found on onecharmingparty}.

Art From A Recycled Soda Bottle.

Another great idea would be to paint something. A cherry blossom painting would be wonderful. To make cherry blossom artwork you’ll need a 2-liter soda bottle that you’ll be using as a stamp. First use dark paint to make the branch. Let it dry and stamp the flowers using pink paint. It’s simple and it’s very beautiful.{found on alphamom}.


If your mother enjoying spending time in the garden taking care of all the flowers, then maybe a personalized watering can would be a good idea for a gift. For the project you’ll need a metal watering can, waterproof mod podge, a brush and paper flower cut-out. Cut out the flower and cover the backside with mod podge. Then stick it to the watering can and apply a coat of mod podge.{found on christinechitnis}.

PVC pipes.

You could also make a lovely vase. These ones, for example, are made of PVC pipes. To make something similar you’ll also need PVC pipes along with PVC caps, PVC pipe cement, mod podge, a wooden base, glue, laser copies of old photos, a foam brush and a drill. Cut the pipes and glue the caps using cement. Scan the photos and print them onto plain paper using a laser printer. Drop the images in water and coat the outside of the pipe with mod podge. Apply the image to the pipe and seal everything with mod podge. Then you can attach the vases to the wooden base.{found on modpodgerocksblog}.

Magazine Clutch.

Another interesting idea would be to make a magazine clutch. You can use pages from your mother’s favorite magazines, laminating sheets, embroidery thread and scissors. Make a collage using he pages and then apply the laminating pages directly on top. Cut out the collage into a square and begin forming the clutch. Cut the corners of the sides and attach the hook and button.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Painted vases.

These paint-dipped bud vases would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift. To make them you’ll need satin paint, pearl paint, glaze, bud vases, a ziplock bag and a small cup. Prepare the paint in the bag and then dip the bud vases into the paint. Then hold the vases gently for about 10 minutes until they’re dry.{found on whipperberry}.

Jar kit.

You could also make a lovely sewing kit for your mom and you can make it look unique as well. For example, you could make these lovely strawberry pincushions which can be accessories for the jar in which you’ll be putting all the supplies. It’s cute and it’s great because you’ll be making it yourself.{found on emmalinebride}.

Mason jar planter box.

Another great idea for a gift would be a mason jar planter. It’s simple and it’s great, especially if your mom likes plants. You’ll have to make a rectangular box from pieces of wood. Use glue and nails to make sure it’s secure. You can paint it and you can also give it a nice vintage finish. Attach screen door pulls to make it more practical. Then fill the mason jars with soil and ad the plants.{found on shanty-2-chic}.

Painted driftwood hanger.

This driftwood hanger is a wonderful accessory for the home and a great gift not just for Mother’s Day. To make it you’ll need a piece of driftwood or a branch, masking tape, paints and paintbrushes, hangers, screw-in hooks, a hammer and pliers. Use tape to mask off stripes and then paint the stripes. Wait for them to dry and then remove the tape. Then attach the hooks and you’re done.{found on lovelyindeed}.

Book planter.

A book planter is always a special gift. If you choose it for Mother’s Day then you can use your mother’s favorite book or, even better, a copy of that. You’ll also need succulents, moss, an exacto knife, glue, fabric flowers and cling wrap. Draw a rectangle and cut out a space into the book. Seal that with mod podge and place a layer of cling wrap in the space. add some soil, plant the succulents and cover with moss and fabric flowers.{found on site}.


Chalkboard planting pots are also easy to make. You just need planters of various sizes, chalkboard paint and a paint brush. You’ll have to paint labels on the planters, let the paint dry and then write whatever you want on them with chalk. You can use a template or not.{found on designsponge}.

Bird house.

These birdhouse key hooks are very cute and lovely. They would make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day and they’re great because the whole family will be using them. The materials needed are 6 wooden craft birdhouses, white undercoat paint, six picture hooks, a wooden board, washi tape, glue and 2 screws. Attach the hook, paint the house and let it dry. Then decorate it with washi tape. Coat the house with PVA glue and then attach the wooden board.{found on toriejayne}.

Gift we love.

This is a lovely decoration and the best part is that it’s easy to make. First you’ll have to find butterfly prints and to cut them out. Then glue a small branch to a vintage saucer. Fold the butterflies a little and hot-glue them to the branches. Then place a glass dome over and you’re done.{found on sweetpaul}.

Turquoise gift.

If you want you can make a lovely vase for your mom. You’ll need a Mason jar, some paint, a piece of fabric and ribbon. First paint the jar and let it dry. Then cut a piece of fabric and wrap it around the mason jar, just around the middle portion. The ribbon will keep that in place.{found on oopseydaisyblog}.

Spring gift.

Mother’s love everything to be clean and they hate seeing circles on the table. so it would be a nice idea to make these coasters. You’ll need moss mat, cork coasters and mod podge. Basically all you have to do is apply a coat of mod podge on top of the coasters and then lay them face down onto the back of the moss mat. Let it dry and trim the edges.{found on sincerelykinsey}.

Infusing sugar.

Here’s another interesting project. For this one you’ll need sugar, citrus fruit, a glass container with seal, a zest and ribbon or twine. Zest the fruit and leave it overnight to dry completely. Then layer the sugar and the zest in the glass container. Let the sugar sit for at least a week. You can use ribbon or twine to decorate the containers.{found on sugarandcharmblog}.

Sugar scrub.

If you’d like you could also make this nice sugar scrub for your mother as a gift. You’ll need sealable jars, labels, sugar, grape seed oil, rosemary, spearmint essential oil, a mixing bowl, a spatula and an ice cream scoop. Mix 3 cups sugar, 1 cup oil thoroughly and then add 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary. Add a few drops of oil and shake and stir. Put the mixture into the container and add the label.{found on julieblanner}.

Citrus salt body scrub.

A similar idea would be to make citrus salt body scrub. You’ll need ½ cup of sea salt, ½ cup of sweet almond oil, ½ teaspoon of lemon zest and ½ teaspoon of orange zest. Mix the ingredients in a bowl and then put it in a container.{found on pauladeen}.

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