16 Most Creative and Unique Bookshelves

Bookshelves are one of the most common pieces of furniture that you can find in almost any home around the world for the simple reason that a lot people like to read. Whether you own a collection of classic novels or volumes of work-related reference books, it makes perfect sense to get yourself a good bookcase or two for storing these books.I`m sure that some of this Bookshelves you saw already in my site, but now I want to spot all of them in an article called ” 16 Most Creative and Unique Bookshelves ”

Console Reading Bookshelve

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Sit down and relax reading a book in this Console Reading Bookshelve Bench by Stanislav Katz.

Hanging Bookshelf

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This Bookwave Hanging Storage would look awesome in a commercial space. The price tag for the Bookwave Hanging Storage is quite high ( £ 1,006 ).

Circular Walking Bookshelf

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Unique bookshelf designed by David Garcia for the Archive series.

Cow Shaped Bookcase

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Animal bookcase will be a new trend in any house soon, are funny and useful in the same time.[link]

Glass shleves

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Tonelli is an Italian furniture company that is specialized in glass and comes with glass shelves, thant are caracterized by clean lines and a modern transparent design. The glass shelves are designed by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni and he named his creation Mondovisione.

Skateboards Shelf

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For those who own many skateboards and don`t use anymore, think to made a unique and unusual shelf.Perfect for students and kids, it provides substantial storage space for books, display and even skateboard paraphernalia.

United States Bookshelf

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Bookshelf by Ron Arad shaped like the United States of America. [link]

Wall bookcase

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As you can see in the pictures the bookcase is on the whole wall.

FlexiTube by Doris Kisskalt

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Created by Doris Kisskalt the FlexiTube is mobile and can be changed into a transparent room partitioner. FlexiTube is available in two different sizes and can be combined in any number either lying side by side or on top of each other.

Tree Bookshelf

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Another unusual bookself

Coffee Table Bookshelf

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And now here is a modern coffee table which comes with cool compartments for your books.[link]

Wind Shelf

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Designed by Olivia Bradateanu, the idea from Shelf in the Wind  comes from the idea : “What if a simple shelf moved with the breeze that enters the front door?”

Flybrary Bookshelf

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The Flybrary Bookshelf create the levitation effect, hanging the books on a metal strips.

Distorted Bookshelf

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Crafted by dbd Studio it`s a new storage solution creating a interesting area for reading.

Pulseline Shelf

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The Pulseline Shelf is inspired by a line that illustrates human heartbeat, this shelf is made from 3mm metal sheet.[link]

Portable Bookshelf

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This bookshelf was constructed from recycled fruit boxes.[link]

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