Creative DIY Shelves Made With Upcycled Skateboards

Some of the most interesting ideas and sources of inspiration come from the most unusual places. For example, did you ever think about using a skateboard as a bookshelf in your home? When you think about it, the idea is quite brilliant and you wonder why you haven’t thought about it before.

Teenage room skateboard shelves

If you find the idea interesting, you can ask around and gather a bunch of old skateboards which you can then clean and perhaps paint. Use them to create a shelving system with a one-of-a-kind design. You can arrange them in a random pattern and have fun designing the whole unit.

Turn the old Skateboards into shelves

But usually DIY projects are simpler than that. Check out Instructables and you’ll a find tutorial on how to upcycle a couple of old skateboards and turn them into a unique bookshelf which you can mount on a wall. You’ll need threaded rods, bolts, washers, brackets, a drill and two skateboards.

Shelf made by recycled skateboards

If you want, you can use more than two skateboards for a similar purpose. The shelving unit can be a freestanding piece which you can roll around. Actually, this feature would make it very practical in a library or reading nook. Each skateboard can be painted a different color for an eye-catching look.

Another kids room skateboards shelves

Also, you don’t even have to be a skateboarder to like these shelves. The simpler the skateboards are, the more versatile the shelves will be as well. They wouldn’t look out of a place in a home office, casual living room or a teenager or child’s room. Bobbyrabbit illustrates how skateboard shelves can be integrated into a kid’s room décor.

Rope hanging skateboard

There are lots of ways in which you can customize a skateboard if you want to transform it into a bookshelf. One idea can be to use rope to hang it on the wall. Basically, you remove the wheels and insert the rope through the holes and then tie a knot. {found on 100layercakelet}

Skateboard shelf for entryway

There are plenty of spaces on your home’s walls where a skateboard shelf could fit exquisitely. Like the area above the radiator, the walls on the hallway, the entryway, the bathroom or even the bedroom if you think this would be a suitable addition. In a casual and modern environment, such an element is not necessarily regarded as an odd feature.{found on franckminieri}.

Hairpin legs and skateboards shelves

The versatility of skateboard shelves is quite amazing. When you think about all the methods you could use to upcycle a skateboard into a shelf, you become amazed of how many possibilities there are. You just have to use your creativity and to have an open mind. Let this design inspire you.

Blue teenage room with skateboard shelves on wall

Still, as versatile as these elements may be, there’s one area of the house where they fit better than anywhere else. We’re talking about the kids’ rooms. The environment here is playful and fun and this allows skateboard shelves to fit in easily.

Bold colorful skateboards

You should also take into consideration the fact that kids actually use skateboards. So if your enjoys this activity, don’t throw away the old skateboards. Keep them and turn them into unique shelves. It’s a great and, at the same time, very simple way of personalizing this room.{found on maryprincephotography}.

Kids room storage on wall with skateboard shelf

A single skateboard shelf is enough to make a room’s décor stand out. Maybe it’s the color, the shape, the size, the placement or the simple fact that it’s made from a skateboard that draws attention to this pieces. Regardless of all these aspects, one thing remains constant: the originality of the design.