15 DIY Washi Tape Ideas To Add Color To Your Home

Washi tape originated in Japan and it’s a type of masking tape made of paper that comes in lots and lots of colors and patterns. It’s used for all sorts of DIY projects including artwork, gift wrapping, wall decoration and anything that could use a touch of color. Here are a few examples of projects that you can do with washi tape.

Washi tape wall art.

You can use washi tape to make beautiful and original artwork for your home. For this particular project you’ll need a few canvases and several shades and patterns of washi tape. You can create all sorts of designs and patterns. You can layer the tape to create interesting color variations. So get some tape and be creative!{found on sarahhearts}.

Gift pack decoration.

You can also use washi tape for gift wrapping. Just use to decorate the gift after you have already wrapped it in simple paper or use it to create an interesting pattern. You’ll need at least two types of washi tape, either of different colors or with different patterns and some string. Cut out small pieces and crate small triangles.{found on annixen}.

Home office wall decor.

Washi tape is also great for decorating your home office. So take some tape, scissors, some non-stick paper and a pencil and get to work. Cut out some baking paper in the size you want, then take the washi tape and start sticking strips. Turn the paper over, trace a circle and cut out the shape. Stick it onto the wall and add some color to your office.{found on fellowfellow}.

Bedroom walls decor.

Since washi tape is so versatile and comes in so many different colors and patterns, you can use for all sorts of projects. For example, you can use to create fun patterns on your walls or furniture. Make your walls stand out and be creative. It’s simple and it’s also fun.{found on frenchbydesign}.

Washi tape sofa legs.

If you have a sofa with wooden feet that don’t exactly look very attractive, you can use washi tape to give them a fun makeover. This idea can also be used for other pieces of furniture as well. You can make your chairs, desks, tables and everything else look more fun and colorful with washi tape.{found on poppytalk}.

Vase decoration.

Since the whole idea of using washi tape is to make things look more beautiful when they are displayed, why not use it on actual decorations. If you have a plain and simple vase or other ceramic piece, give it a makeover. Use tape in colors that match your home and interior décor and turn something simple into something unique and eye-catching.{found on howaboutorange}.

Kids wall decor.

Washi tape wall art comes in many forms. For example, a playroom or children’s room could definitely benefit from a project like this one. First decide on a theme and on what exactly you want to create. Then pick the colors and get to work. Don’t forget to also involve the kids into this. They will definitely love to help you.{found on nina}.


Just because washi tape comes in so many different colors and patterns, this doesn’t mean you have to use them all. It’s enough to pick an eye-catching color such as neon pink or orange and to use small pieces of tape in key areas, just to create some subtle focal points into a neutral décor.{image from site}.

Geometric wall art.

Of course, if you have lots of time to spend doing DIY projects, then you can try to create something a little more complex. An idea would be to explore the beauty of geometric art and to come up with all sorts of modern designs. You can create artwork to be displayed into your home and that would definitely give it character.{found on kelly}.

Mason jars.

Storage jars are usually practical and nothing else. They don’t exactly stand out with their designs and looks but this doesn’t mean you can’t change that. With some washi tape you can give your storage jars a fresh new look. You can use different colors for different types of jars and you can also organize them more easily this way.{found on curbly}.

Tree wall.

When you’re creative you can come up with all sorts of ingenious ideas. For example, how about a washi tape Christmas tree? It might not be the real thing but it’s definitely original. When you think about it, there are all sorts of advantages that come with this design and they are related to space, flexibility and your ability to design the tree exactly the way you want.{found here}.

Turn your table into a rainbow.

Here’s another interesting project. It requires time and patience but it can completely change the look of your desk or table. The idea is to use different colors of washi tape to cover the entire table top or desk. It will take a while to complete. To avoid unwanted accidents you can add a glass top or seal the tape with something.{found on Lady blog}.

Washi tape on corkboard.

Another simple and useful project can be a corkboard. You’ll need a pack of corkboard tiles, some washi tape in the color of your choice and scissors. First lay down a strip of washi tape along the diagonal of the tile. Lay down a strip of masking tape against the washi tape. Then add a second strip of washi tape and so on. Remove the masking tape and hang the board on the wall.{found here}.

Neon table decor.

Washi tape is very versatile and it can be used for all sorts of events, even a wedding. You add some color to the table and decorations by using neon washi tape. Use for the silverware, the vases and even for the plates. Try not to exaggerate with the colors. It’s best to choose one shade and stick with that. Neon can also add some eye-catching beauty to the flower decorations and invitations.{found on bkly}.

Tree wall.

If you like colorful and cheerful decorations and if you don’t mind giving up a wall in your home, you’d better find some washi tape and get started. Check out this tree decoration. It’s made from washi tape. If you don’t want to apply the tape directly onto the wall, you can use a frame. The tree can symbolize anything and you can also decorate it with photos and other things.{found on hearthandmade}.

Published by in DIY Projects, on January 18th, 2013


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