15 DIY Cord And Cable Organizers For A Clean And Uncluttered Home

It’s always annoying when you see cables everywhere, especially at the back of your desk. Even if you arrange and organize them nicely at first they eventually get all tangled and it all becomes a mess. An easy solution would be to have a cord organizer to help you keep everything in place. If you can’t find one in stores or if you simply prefer to make one yourself, there are plenty of projects that can give you useful tips and ideas. Here are some of them.

Using toilet paper rolls.

Keeping your cables organized doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. There are lots of very simple solutions that you can use. For example, you can use toilet paper rolls. It might sound funny at first but toilet paper rolls are actually great for this. Simply write on each one what type of cable it contains and the labels will help you save space and time when looking for your cables.{found on someoneelsesgenius}.

Label cords.

Can’t always remember which cable is which? Avoid accidents like unplugging your computer by mistake just because you picked the wrong cable and use tags to mark each one. Use different colors and label them so that you always know which one is which.{found on ajc}.

Raffia ribbon.

When you travel, you always have to take your chargers with you. You probably end up putting them all in a bag and, when you arrive at the destination, you realize they got all tangled. But here’s a very simple and cute way of keeping them organized. Use raffia ribbons to keep all the cords organized. They’ll also help you distinguish them and you’ll always know which ones are yours in case you also carry someone else’s.{found on laurenrebeccaelliott}.

Homemade charging station.

Usually the desk is messy even when it’s clean. That’s because of all the cords and wires that get tangled and that look ugly. So how about a box to keep them all organized? That’s right, all you need is a box similar to the one in the photo. Cut a hole in the box for the cord to pass through and then several other holes for the cords of the chargers and devices you usually use.{found on allyou}.

Plug hub desk.

The Plug Hub is the perfect solution for all the cables that need to be concealed and organized. It’s an under-desk cord management station and keeps all the cords and the power strip hidden inside this unit. It has three openings on the top and three cord anchors inside. It’s made of rigid plastic with a rubber foot on the bottom.{found on site}.

If you want something that’s both cute and functional, this lovely little cable organizer monster might be the perfect thing. You can make it yourself from a piece of felt. You’ll need some snap fasteners and cotton filling as well. You can choose any shape you want.{found on onelmon}.

Color Coded Cable Ties and Labels.

Another easy trick that can help you keep all the cords in order is to use cable ties and labels. You can use different colors of duct tape to easily identify your cords and chargers. You’ll also need Velcro and a hole punch. It’s easy and it’s something everyone should have in their home.{found on instructables}.

Earphone Cord Keepers with Printable Packagin.

Here’s an idea of a fun and useful gift that you can make for someone for Christmas. It’s an earphone cord keeper shaped like a gingerbread man. To make it you need polymer clay, mini cookie cutters, a bamboo stick, a cutter and sandpaper. You can choose any shape you want. This is just an example. First knead and flatten the clay and then cut it to the shape desired. Use the sandpaper to get the texture of a gingerbread man or use something else to imitate the texture of the image you have chosen. Add the details and then poke the hole for the cords.{found on mintedstrawberry}.

Charging station.

This is a DIY recharge station, very functional and very easy to make. You need a cardboard storage box, book plates, small brads, a craft knife, something to punch holes with, some paint, a pencil, ruler and power board. Mark where you want the book plates to go and then mark the inside area as well. Cut the rectangles and punch the holes needed for the brads. Cut a hole for the power board cord as well. Add a coat of paint and you’re done.{found on tashachawner}.

Keep cords organized.

Organizing your desk doesn’t have to be difficult or annoying. The most frustrating part is keeping all the cords in place. It’s frustrating when you’re looking for a charger or cord and you can’t find it because of all the mess in the drawer. So how about a nice box to keep them all organized? Use a media box divided into compartments with scraps of cardboard. Label each section and add some color as well.{found on hgtv}.

USB Chargers.

Another problem appears when you use USB chargers. When you unplug the device the charger ends up on the floor. You can use paper holders to keep them nice and organized on your desk. They’ll also always be close at hand when you need them.

Hanging cord organizer.

Usually all the chargers, earplugs and cords end up in a drawer and they get all tangled. Even if you try to keep them organized, it’s not always easy. But here’s how you can make a very simple cord organizer for all these items. You’ll need some foam rubber and Velcro or double sided tape. The idea is to punch several holes for the cables of your charger, earplugs, USB cords, etc. and to attach them to a wall or to your desk.

Cord Minder.

Remember those old film containers? You might still have some in your home. You probably thought they became useless now that we don’t use films anymore. Well, think again. Go find some of those containers because you’ll need them for these cord organizers. Remove the lids and begin by cutting around the bottom of the container. Remove the bottom and use the rest to organize the cables in your drawer.{found on instruclables}.

Cord Rack.

A cord rack can also be a very good idea. First you’ll have to measure the width of the board you’re going to use. Find its center and mark it. Add two marks on either side and, using the T-square, transfer them downwards. Make the holes and add the bolts. It will help you store your cables out of the way and untangled.{found on instructables}.

Cable Management.

This last project will show you how to keep all the cables in one place without getting them tangled. You’ll need a pegboard, a drill, a saw, zip ties, a wood file and clamps. First measure the space and then cut the pegboard to the desired size. Mark the spots for the holes and use the drill to make them. Connect the pegboard to the TV stand and decide where the cables need to hang. Connect one device at a time until you’ve organized them all.{found on instructables}.

Published by in DIY Projects, on January 29th, 2013


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