13 Simple Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside

We enjoy being surrounded by nature and feeling its presence around us so, if we can’t live in the middle of nature we find ways to bring it inside our houses. We all have our strategies but it can’t hurt to find out more.

1. Put plants and flowers everywhere.

The most common way of including nature in our home’s décor is with potted plants and fresh flowers. Put these fresh accents everywhere you can, including the bathroom. Make it look and feel like a spa. Certain types of plants thrive in humid environments and are perfect for this purpose.

2. Bring your favorite trees inside.

Trees should stay outside, right? Not exactly. If you want, you can also bring them inside and there are plenty of ways to do that. You can put a tree in a large planter and place it front of a window in your home. And if you’re really serious about this, you can build your house around the trees on the site.

3. Use natural materials.

Another strategy is to use materials such as stone or wood which are normally found outdoors and make them a part of your home’s interior décor. Make sure they stand out. For example, a stone washbasin in the bathroom would be a really interesting feature.

4. Use natural floors.

Floors made of materials such as bamboo, cork or even actual wood stay warm and have those unique textures that allows them to make you feel closer to nature. This detail is more noticeable and prominent if the floors contrast with the walls or their surroundings.

5. Add a tropical twist to the décor.

Bring in a little bit of tropical beauty with elements like orange or lemon trees. They can stay in large planters but be aware that not all climates are favorable so you may not be able to take advantage of this idea.

6. Let natural light invade your home.

It’s important to have a bright home with lots of sunlight if you want it to feel fresh and cheerful. Natural light is particularly important if you want to decorate with plants. Large windows are an ok option but if you really want to impress then include a few skylights too.

7. Create a green wall.

We often say that vertical gardens are an awesome feature for any home or space but there’s an even more impressive feature you can include in your home: a green wall. Let nature take over and turn your living room into a refreshing paradise.

8. Use rattan furniture and accessories.

Because rattan furniture is always associated with the outdoors, if you use it to decorate the inside of your house you’ll be able to create a cozy little corner that takes you back to the beautiful getaways in the middle of nature you love so much.

9. Build a tree house.

Does this seem right to you? It’s a tree house and there’s even an actual tree but everything is inside. What an awesome feature for the kids’ bedroom or play area. Think outside the box and bring anything you love about nature inside your home.

10. Have a skylight above your bed.

How cool is it to lie on your back and watch the stars and the sky at night? It’s something you can when you go camping or every night in the comfort of your home if you build a skylight above your bed. Let nature come to you.

11. Decorate with fruits, vegetables and plants.

Decorate an area such as the dining room with green elements such as fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. You can use these as centerpieces or in a variety of other ways. It would be like enjoying a picnic indoors where it’s nice and cozy.

12. Let the natural and artificial intertwine.

Bring in elements usually found in nature and make them seamlessly blend in and dialogue with the rest of your home’s décor. For example, look how natural the tree and the staircase communicate and become one and the same thing.

13. Use elements found in nature.

If you see something outside that you love like a stone, a pinecone, a rock a branch, etc. bring it home with you and use it to decorate the rooms. Use these little things as accent details and combine with a few more suggestive elements like hanging planters or fresh flowers in vases.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on October 28th, 2010


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