13 Simple Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside

The outdoors is very important for us. Everything there, the whole nature, sky, water, earth makes us feel better. Here is a list of a few ideas which will help you bring the outdoors inside.

1. Place flowers everywhere. Having plants in your home is one good decision because they look great and will help you cheer up if you are having a bad day.

2. Throw away the useless stuff. Make sure your home is spacious – throw any useless stuff you are not using anymore.

3. Use nice-looking furniture. You can also try to decorate your house with some special nature-related furniture in order to bring the outdoors in efficiently.

4. Entice your senses with outdoor sounds. It is always relaxing to sleep while raining or listen to the wind while staying in your home. This is why it is a good idea to record some of those sounds and listen to them anytime you want.

5. Natural light. Open up as many windows as you can – the natural light is a very good thing because it is completely free and will make you feel just fine!

6. Breathe fresh air. This is probably the best thing in the nature – the fresh air. We live in polluted world so use any chance and open up your windows and breathe fresh air.

7. Bring in different natural textures, patterns. By using such materials, inspired by the nature, you will improve not only your interior design but the style of your home as well.

8. Use natural floors, not man-made. By natural we mean cork or bamboo because these materials will stay warm and enclose you to nature as close as it can.

9. Use fruits and vegetables for decoration. Decorating with food is very modern thing, plus the vegetables and fruits are healthy, tasty, and will help you to bring properly the outdoors in.

10. Choose eco materials. It is important to use eco-friendly materials because every nature lover knows how important is to keep the environment clean. By choosing the right materials you are not only helping the nature, but you are bringing the outdoors in as well.

11. Use colors similar to the outdoors ones. For example one good color is green because it reminds of grass, plants and earth. Other colors are blue, yellow, orange, you name it. All these colors remind us of something – blue – sky, yellow and orange – sun and so on.

12. Use elements from the nature. If you are a nature lover and you like traveling then it is a good idea to pick up every interesting thing you find in nature – for example a branch of tree – often they have very interesting shapes.

13. Be sure the view from your windows is great. If you are searching for a new home then one of the first thing a nature lover should check, is the scenery from the windows. So have a look and decide if it meets your expectations or not.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on October 28th, 2010


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