12 Cool And Creative Key Holders Designs

How many times were you all ready to go out but you couldn’t find your keys? That wouldn’t happen if you had a system. Key holders are very useful in any home. You just put them in an area such as the entryway and you leave your keys there. This way, whenever you need them you know where to find them. And if the key holder also has a cool design you’ll be sure never to miss the opportunity of using it.

Invisible magnetic hooks.

Magnetter, for example, is a very simple, cool and functional key holder. As its name suggests, it uses a magnet. Magentter has a powerful ten pound neodymium magnet that is hidden behind the curved mahogany piece. All you have to do is attach your keys to the board and it will stick there. It’s simple and it’s also elegant.Available for 16$.

Rock climber key holder.

This key holder also has a fun design. This set of two key holders is shaped like two climbing men. They each have hooks attached to their belt and you can just hang your key ring and keys on those. It’s a nice and fun design and it would look good in a modern, casual décor or maybe in a themed bedroom, office, etc.


Here’s another interesting key holder design. This is the Buckle Up key holder and it’s actually made from a seatbelt. This makes it both eye-catching and eco-friendly. The discontinued seatbelts are reused and turned into wall-mounted pieces. They are great for car lovers and it will make sure you never lose your car keys.Available for 20$.

House key holder.

The Buckle Up key holder takes care of your car keys but what about the keys to your house? For those you could use the House Key Holder. As you can see, it’s shaped like a tiny house that gets mounted on the wall. You insert the key in and it holds it. The nice thing about this design is that after you open the door you can immediately insert the key into the key holder without having to make any other maneuvers.Available for 16$.

Lego key holder.

If you prefer something a little more playful maybe you would like to try out this Lego key holder. It’s a DIY piece but it’s very easy to assemble, given the fact that it only has two pieces. The important part is lego part number 3176. With this you’ll be able to create all sorts of designs. You can customize the key holder in any way you want.Found on minieco.

Haus key holder.

Here’s a more rough-looking but still fun and cool key holder design. This key holder features a concrete piece that has to be mounted on the wall. The piece has three carved spaces in it, each with a different shape, and three wood blocks that fit in them. You can use the wood blocks and accessories for your key ring and then, when you get home, just insert them in the concrete block.Available for 58$.

Magnetic Ccloud key holder.

If you want something very simple and chic, then you should take a look at this lovely key holder. It’s shaped like a cloud, it’s very simple and it would fit in any décor. You can hang the little cloud by the door and it will remind you to put your keys there. It’s a magnetic key holder so it has no hooks or other hanging systems.Available on site.


Here’s a more complex design that serves both as a key holder and mail holder. Notice the cityscape silhouette. It’s simple, monochromatic and perfect for your entryway. It allows you to store your mail as soon as you get it and it also has small hooks for storing your keys.Available for 20$.


Here’s another fun key holder design. It’s a round-shaped small item that has to be mounted on the wall and that has several spaces in which you can insert your keys. It can be red or black and has a simple but ingenious and cool design. It’s a very clever way of making sure you always know where to find your keys.Found on site.


The Key Pete key holder is also fun and interesting. It’s a key holder shaped like a tiny man that holds your keys into one of his hands. He seems to be climbing on the wall like he would want to get away with your keys. It’s funny and it’s also very simple, which makes it perfect for modern decors. The key holder is magnetic.Available on site.


All key holders are practical and useful. But the problem with most of them is that, if you don’t have an accessory to help you distinguish your keys from someone else’s you might end up taking the wrong keys. This key holder has the perfect design to solve the problem. It’s a his and hers key holder shaped like a tiny house with two silhouettes that fit into the carved spaces. They can be used as accessories for the key ring.Available on site.

Hookeychain Magnet.

This is another very simple key holder. It’s a magnetic piece that can be attached to the fridge or other surfaces. It’s nice and it’s useful and you can also use it as a magnetic pin for messages or other things. It can be a nice solution for those that don’t have a designated space for storing their keys.Available for 18$.

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