12 Best Prefab Homes Around The World

All Weather Modern Boxhome

The Rintal Eggertsson Architects’ construction of the lavish prefab home on a 19 sq. m. plot is perfectly developed to easy with the heat along with the stunning beauty. As compared to the other similar constructions the Boxhome, as it has been named by the architects, is more economically convenient and ecologically sound among the neighborhood. This eco friendly construction is absolutely compatible with the climatic conditions of the North Europe. It is truly recommended that with such type of prefabricated modular houses, the provision for a summer and cottage house usage is readily possible though the premise is not quite suitable as a whole family accommodator.








Prefab House in a Remote Hilly Area

The hill tops at the Granite Falls in Washington just outside Seattle locate one of the most complex prefab homes. The house though situated among spectacular scenic beauty, lacks the supply of electricity, water or road connectivity. The frame work of this well constructed house is made of steel which indeed works as a preventive wall all along. The surrounding of this unique and amazing house is thoroughly custom made by some fine artists who were the friends of the owner of this prefabricated house. Though each and every prefab modular houses are quite similar to each other, this exquisite unique piece of construction is different from the similar houses.[Anderson Anderson Architecture]

Hudson’s Country Cedar House

The construction of modern prefab houses is the field of expertise of the Hudson Architects. The countryside terrain of the North Elmham sets the perfect surrounding neighborhood for the Hudson guys to construct this astonishing landmark among the prefabricated houses of their expertise. As the construction demonstrates the structure stands tall with the inspiration from the functional farm buildings. The house is stunningly beautiful with two bedrooms having comfortable mattress and possesses a studio with attached dark room as the owner of this house is a photographer himself. It is indeed a cost effective one as the complete architecture stands erect out of 15000 shingles of untreated cedar.

Bunker Residential Prefab House by Thomas Bendel

Thomas Bendel designed this unique piece of bunker as a place for private residence. Prefabricated blocks of concrete is the source of construction of this landmark with glass and black anodized aluminum front and rear panels. A steel hard rail marks a long staircase of 10m of length situated at the rear of the entrance. Bendel superbly managed to design and put in a large space for the living area as the kitchen gets hidden behind the gloss maple walls. The walls are well knit with black oak joints that give it that extra tough build up. The windows show remarkable talent of construction as a large portion of landscape is well viewed through them. The bathroom also has such landscape views though it is completely beyond the outside view.[Thomas Bendel]

Bunker Residential Prefab House

Bunker Residential Prefab House5

Bunker Residential Prefab House4

Bunker Residential Prefab House3

Bunker Residential Prefab House2

Bunker Residential Prefab House1

Concrete Prefab House in Switzerland

Felix Oesch designed this remarkable piece of concrete house for a family in Switzerland. This lovely compact prefab house is situated just at the outside of Zurich. This house can be considered a perfect piece of construction as it delivers the best at up to the necessity accommodation to its owner. The front facade of the building is designed to open up to the green river valley of the Rhine River as a means of noise redundancy. The rear portion gets landed on the road. Undoubtedly this modern piece of religious and innovative design is sufficient to impress a true lover of modern architecture. This concrete and timber constructed design is indeed one of the most admired prefabricated modular houses of the recent times.

Concrete Prefab House in Switzerland

Concrete Prefab House in Switzerland10

Concrete Prefab House in Switzerland9

Concrete Prefab House in Switzerland8

Concrete Prefab House in Switzerland7

Concrete Prefab House in Switzerland6

Concrete Prefab House in Switzerland4

Concrete Prefab House in Switzerland3

Concrete Prefab House in Switzerland2

Concrete Prefab House in Switzerland1

Stylish Prefabricated Homes from Toyota

It is astonishing to find out that Toyota – one of the leading brands among the car manufacturers – is busy making homes for the past few years. The car maker is readily building up the prefab houses with usage of modern electronic technologies in it. The houses are provided with electronic monitoring systems that are capable of charging the cars during off-peak situations in order to reduce the bill rates while on the other hand the battery of the car is capable of providing electricity backups during back outs and power cuts. The Toyota houses are well constructed with the guarantee of existence for about 60 years which is comparatively much longer as compared to that of the other houses in Japan.

Stylish Prefabricated Homes from Toyota

Stylish Prefabricated Homes from Toyota3

Stylish Prefabricated Homes from Toyota2

Stylish Prefabricated Homes from Toyota1

Prefab Butterfly Roof Houses in Thailand

TYIN Tegnestue – a group of young and talented student architects – designed this fabulous project in Noh Bo, Tak in Thailand. The name of the project is “Butterfly Houses” which is an ideal accommodation for the local 50 children. The project is so named because of the natural ventilation from the roof tops which also collects rain water for re use. The houses are prefabricated and are assembled using bolts to provide the strength and the durability to the structure. The project was finished within February 2009 and had great support while construction from the local people. The prefab houses are simply spectacular and a landmark that exposures the talent of the student architects.

Seductive Prefab House with Italian Furnishings

The amazing Bestetti Associati Studio has designed the most unique piece of prefab houses by using simple straight lines and cubical structured constructions which is furnished by the most appreciated Italian giants namely the B & B Italia. The use of finest wood and glasses make the house a unique one among the thousands in Italy. The exquisite interior designing makes the perfect utilization of space and accommodation. This superb prefabricated house certainly speaks for the class of luxury involved in it. The soothing lights all throughout the premise provide that extra bit of elegance to the surrounding ambience. To sum up, this high class constriction is a simple showpiece with the most beautiful Italian luxuries to be filled with.

Seductive Prefab House with Italian Furnishings2

Seductive Prefab House with Italian Furnishings

Seductive Prefab House with Italian Furnishings7

Seductive Prefab House with Italian Furnishings6

Seductive Prefab House with Italian Furnishings5

Seductive Prefab House with Italian Furnishings3

Prefab floats on Lake Huron

MOS Architects designed the fabulous concept of a floating house on the Lake Huron. This gorgeous prefabricated house is a cottage existing in Ontario, Canada, which is constructing so that the structure can freely rise and fall along with the tide movements. Steel pontoons enable the free movement of the prefab structure to float and move along with the tidal waves. The house comprises of Cedar sides with wide windows that makes it possible to have a soothing glance at the surrounding landscape. The interiors and the well planned exquisite structure simply scream its class of luxury. An outer deck sets the provision to relax as the silent tides of Huron toss the cottage from time to time.

Kieran Timberlake Architects design Prefab in Maryland

The Kieran Timberlake Architects designed the height of prefab architectures in the island coast of Maryland. This luxurious prefabricated house is neatly constructed atop stilts which beautifully blends nature with the technology of prefab houses. The building blocks used in the construction of the building were fabricated and piced all together within six weeks in the location. The front facade of this unique house flips open to allow passive ventilation. Many of the parts involved in the construction of the prefab modular house can be disassembled for further renovations, repairs and reconstructions. The structure is undoubtedly ideal to prevent the house from too much heat or cold and from other environmental impacts.

Prefab Custom Home Design in Santa Rosa

Sander Architects designed the finest prefab modular house with their high end modern architectural techniques in the Santa Rosa in California. This spectacular house’s most striking feature lies in the straight and vertical strength of the construction with high end window clad front opening facades. The ceilings are made high to ensure the beauty and the optimum utilization of space and luxury in the interiors. The prefab house consists of two storied sculpture with exquisite4 spiraled staircase. The Sanders are renowned for their Hybrid designs and no doubt, this is one of their finest constructions that can be called a genius’s masterpiece existing in California.

Surprisingly Unique with Ultra Modern Interiors

The Glenburn House designed by Sean Godsell is the most extravagant and magnificent prefabricated house which is yet simple and uncomplicated in its structure. The entrance to this house marks the onset of luxury and a tint of modern industrial style. The efforts to reduce environmental impacts are clearly visible with the stunning applications of modern prefab technologies. The house is strategically situated within the premise of the surrounding of hill that actually provides a shield to the sun’s heat. Double glazed windows regulate the interior temperatures. Solar powered water heating system along with the rain water recycling process makes the construction eco friendly and sound in its existence.

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10 Responses to “12 Best Prefab Homes Around The World”

  • Perfect colection of readymade houses… Most surprisly, all of them realy cool…

    Welcome to my blog, there are review of my favorit projects, panorama of exibitions and architectural bienalle, iconik big-named buildings, and a lot of my architectural impressions:)

  • mat haruni says:

    We have a winery in Israel in the Gallilee region (please look for Dalton, Israel,- on Google Earth) and are interested to build a hotel next to it of about 50-70 rooms on 2-3 levels. Your various designs look very attractive and we would like to know how much it would cost to build a structure of 50 units with another 12 spaces of various sizes for the public parts and service areas? A total of about 3,500 m2. We would like to see a combination of wood and stone as well as any material for the structure such as concrete and steel.


    Mat Haruni (mr.)

  • Gale R. Gough says:

    While I applaud the architecture of these homes, I find it distasteful that a few are placed in what should be “off limits” with respect to the damage inflicted on the diversity of flora and fauna of the area; specifically the Seattle house and the floating Lake Huron house. Enough of the “I can outdo you…” attitude with the intrinsic, non-complimentary architecture that absolutely SCREAMS from the natural habitat within which it is placed. There are so many homes not occupied and for sale. Why do some continue to rip up virgin land to exact some fantasy which, by most accounts, is eventually sold.

  • buy chun li costume says:

    I follow your weblog for quite a extended time and require tell that your articles usually prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

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