10 Sumptuous Bedroom Interior Designs We Love

It’s important to have a bedroom where you can feel like a king or queen. It’s the place where you should allow yourself to be spoilt and where you get to enjoy luxury and beauty. So indulge yourself with a sumptuous, marvelous bedroom décor. We have prepared a selection of very beautiful and stylish designs to inspire you.

This bedroom definitely feels sumptuous. As you can see, the decor is very simple. But the details are all very well chosen and the attention to detail is amazing. The colors chosen for the décor are simple and earthy, which makes the room feel casual and inviting. The textures are marvelous and the chandelier is the most impressive detail.

This master bedroom is also quite simple in terms of interior décor. The room is slightly dark and this, in combination with the warm, earthy colors chosen for the décor, result in a very relaxing and cozy atmosphere. The simplicity of the lines, the beauty of the details and the rich textures all contribute to an overall simple and sophisticated look.

This contemporary bedroom has an interior design based on contrasts. The dark wooden floor is very rich and beautiful and matches the exposed wooden beams in the ceiling. They contrast with the white walls and white rug. The bed has a design based on the same type of contrast, featuring a dark wooden frame, white bedding and brown decorative pillows.

This is one of the most dramatic bedroom decors so far. Again, the contrasts are very strong. The ceiling is white but the walls have been painted black with white trims for the window frames and similar decorative elements for the rest of the wall. The canopy bed is sumptuous and features black curtains with white trims and white bedding.

This bedroom features a traditional interior. The main color here is gold and this allows the décor to become warm, rich and sumptuous at the same time. The beautiful golden curtains envelop the room and reveal large windows and doors leading to a beautiful balcony with wonderful views. The bed has an elegant headboard and the rest of the furniture shares the same stylish details.

This bedroom has a slightly similar interior but, in this case, the décor seems a little richer and more sophisticated. There are lots of very elegant details and decorative elements. The canopy bed has intricate detailing on the frame, the curtains and the headboard are sophisticated and the chandelier is just one more elegant and sumptuous detail.

This traditional master bedroom is particularly imposing because of the arched portion of the wall above the bed. It provides a very interesting background for the headboard and introduces rich colors, also used throughout the décor. The fireplace is very beautiful and adds warmth and style to the room. The ceiling is also exquisite.

We are now slowly focusing on more modern interiors. This bedroom has a somewhat simple décor but it’s still very rich and sumptuous. The wallpaper wall is very elegant and the fireplace that goes all the up to the ceiling is another way of introducing texture and pattern into the room. The curtains match the wall as well as the bedding. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide wonderful views.

Here we have a contemporary bedroom with a very simple color palette. The décor is mostly a combination of white and grey. The dark grey curtains counterbalance the patterned walls and the white ceiling provides the touch of simplicity that the décor needs in order to feel balanced. The headboard has a very elegant frame featuring an ochre finish white the purple accents add another touch of color.

This is another contemporary bedroom with the décor featuring a few strong focal points. The décor is mostly simple and features strong and beautiful contrasts of texture. The accent details are the black and white artwork displayed above the bed and the oversized chandelier that is also a way of introducing color into the room.

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Published by in Interiors, on November 9th, 2012


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