Keep It Fresh And Stylish With Lovely Ice Buckets And Baskets

Whether you’re planning a fancy party or just a casual gatherings in your back yard, an ice bucket is a must. The usual ones made of metal that just look like just another boring bucket are definitely practical and they serve their purpose well but if you want something a bit more stylish and chic one of these woven baskets would be a much better choice. Also, there are lots of other interesting options to try.

Rattan basket ice bucket

A woven ice bucket or bucket is a bit more fancy than a regular bucket and can integrate better in certain settings. For example, if you’re planning a rustic or simple a casual get-together then a woven rattan part bucket like this one would be just perfect for the occasion.

Outdoor party summer

In case you’re wondering how a wicker or rattan ice bucket can keep your drinks cool, you should that these usually come with a removable drop-in steel container. This means you’ll still be using the good old metal ice bucket but it would be disguised into something a bit more stylish.

Keep drinks cool during the hot summer

Some models come with a stand that let you keep your drinks cool at the top and also has a tray or shelf at the bottom where other things can be stored. Perhaps you could have glasses or some bar accessories placed there for anyone who needs them.

Woven ice bucket

Get a woven ice basket with handles if you want it to be more practical. You’d be able to carry it around with ease and then find a good place for it to sit on. What’s nice about these things in general is the combination of materials. Both the wicker shell and the steel insert are designed to be suitable for outdoor use.

Wire ice bucket

This ice basket also has a woven design but in a rather different way. It’s a metallic bucket that doesn’t really hide or protect the things store inside, being made of what seems to be wire mesh. In a way, this makes it stand out a bit. However, this wouldn’t be the most practical option.

Oudoor summer bar

The good old metal bucket can still look beautiful enough if you choose a design a bit different and more stylish than the usual ones. So how about a bucket with a copper finish or one with a rusty but still clean and simple look.

Bucket turned into a cooler

There are plenty of methods you can use if you want to customize your old ice bucket. For example, put a label on it. You can use chalkboard paint and some tape for this part. You can also paint the bucket. Either paint the interior, the exterior or the whole thing.

Wedding party bar design

Try a country chic theme and display a bunch of metal buckets or containers on hay bales. You can put up a sign marking this whole area as a bar. This is an idea you can use if you’re planning an outdoor part or even a more unconventional wedding.