12 Free Loft Bed Plans for Kids and Adults

Loft beds are space savers, getting your mattress off the floor and allowing you to use the area underneath as storage, a desk, or a play area.

We’ve narrowed down the best loft bed plans that fit a range of styles from mature to whimsical – use these loft bed ideas in a kid’s room or an adult’s sleep space.

free loft bed plans

1. Simple, Modern DIY Loft Bed

Simple, Modern DIY Loft Bed

A simple loft bed like this one works with all types of decor and for people of all ages. The free plan from Joinery Design Co. covers all the building steps and utilizes white oak lumber for a high-quality look.

The dimensions are 78” long by 38.5” deep by 53” high. The bed fits a typical twin-sized mattress, and you can adjust the height based on your preferences.

2. Built-In Loft Bed with Stairs

Built-In Loft Bed with Stairs

Built-in loft beds offer a custom look, and this two-toned white and wood option has a fresh style for coastal, farmhouse, and modern rooms. A set of stairs leads up to the bed, and there’s space under the loft for shelving, a small desk, or a play area.

Rogue Engineer designed this DIY built-in loft bed and provides a material list and extensive instructions. The bed took about two weeks to complete as a DIY project, and the materials totaled about $800.

3. Two-Toned Loft Bed Plan with Ladder

Two-Toned Loft Bed Plan with Ladder

If you’re working with a small space, try this “floating” loft bed. Since it doesn’t have legs, it allows for more room underneath the bed, freeing up the floor area. It fits a twin-size mattress and is accessible via an attached ladder.

The material list for this bed is short, requiring only 13 boards plus fasteners. provides the complete floating loft bed plan with pictures and instructions.

4. Farmhouse Style Loft Bed for Kids

Farmhouse Style Loft Bed for Kids


A farmhouse-style loft bed can make any kid feel like they have their own home within a home. You can fit a full-size bed in the loft, and the frame has windows, a sliding barn door, and a roof.

Jen Woodhouse designed and built this house-style loft bed and provides the plans on her blog. Total material costs are about $550, a significant savings compared to a similar store-bought version.

5. Queen Size Loft Bed Plans

Queen Size Loft Bed Plans


Loft beds are not only for twin and full-size mattresses – you can use this plan to house a queen-size mattress. The simple design makes it suitable for a kid or adult bedroom.

Angie from Fashion by Mayhem provides the free plans on her blog. The dimensions are 90″ long, 63″ wide, and about 80″ tall. The material costs were $200, not including paint or tools.

6. DIY Loft Bed with Desk 

DIY Loft Bed with Desk

A loft bed with a built-in desk is a great solution for a small bedroom. The space under the bed can house a desk and storage, while a ladder allows access to the sleeping area.

You can tackle this easy-to-build loft bed with a desk, painting or staining it to suit your style—the Home Depot shares this tutorial with a material list, cut list, and easy-to-follow directions.

7. Twin XL Loft Bed Plan

Twin XL Loft Bed Plan

You can fit a twin XL mattress on this loft bed with a floating look and a ladder for support. The bed is a space saver and features a stained-wood frame that you can customize to fit your decor.

Kristen from The Love Notes Blog built this bed for her son and details all the steps and materials on her blog. 

8. Loft Bed for Kids with Desk and Storage

Loft Bed for Kids with Desk and Storage

Use this loft plan blueprint if you’re looking for an expensive way to add a bed frame and storage to a room. The loft holds a twin-size mattress, and the area underneath provides space for a built-in desk, shelves, and storage.

The material costs are about $350, and you can find a complete set of plans on Saving by Design. The design is simple enough to work in a boy’s or girl’s room.

9. Black Loft Bed with Ladder

Black Loft Bed with Ladder

Those who appreciate modern design will like this black loft bed DIY that houses a full-size mattress. The area underneath is big enough to fit a sleeper sofa, but you can decorate it to suit your needs.

Jenna Sue Design provides an in-depth tutorial for building this bed. She equipped the bed with a plank-style headboard, under-the-loft lighting, and a ladder for access.

10. Adult-Sized Loft Bed Plans

Adult-Sized Loft Bed Plans

Build an industrial-style loft bed with this plan from Simplified Building. The bed utilizes only pipe and pipe fittings and no wood. It can fit a full-size mattress, but you can adjust the dimensions based on your needs.

The loft bed plan details a material list with the necessary pipe fittings, diagrams, and assembly instructions.

11. Cheap and Easy Junior Loft Bed Tutorial

Cheap and Easy Junior Loft Bed Tutorial


If you want your child to have a lower-to-the-ground bed, this plan is a good fit, standing at about 65.5” tall. It also features stairs that are safer for a small kid versus a ladder.

The total material cost is $50-$100, making this bed an inexpensive and easy-to-build project. Find the full material list and tutorial at Ana White.

12. DIY Princess Castle Loft Bed

DIY Princess Castle Loft Bed

Make your little girl’s dreams come true with this DIY Princess Castle loft bed. It features a playhouse under the loft and stairs for easy access to the sleeping area.

You can find the plan on Remodelaholic, where the builder will guide you through customizing the bed frame to the size of your mattress. Total material costs are less than $250.