Wood Desk Calendar

Every New Year’s Eve people working in offices get a symbolic present from their boss. This usually is a desk calendar or an organizer. My bet is that they do this not because they lack imagination, but because this way they can buy the same thing for all the employees and also give them a hint that they should better be organized and on time next year, too. Any way, these gift can be really useful because they allow you to be in constant contact with reality and remind them of certain events if they are placed in plain sight on the desk. But once you have a desk calendar, why don’t you use it to give a personal touch to your desk or make it look more personal? You can do this if you have a special calendar like this Wood Desk Calendar.

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This is a monthly calendar and each month is printed on a different plank of flat wood in bright colours. You can enclose each month in a clear plastic case that can also be used as a calendar stand . It is beautiful and totally unusual and all your friends will want one when they see yours. It is the perfect gift for the office colleagues and you can purchase it online for $25.