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Our Top Picks For The Best Window Insulation Kits – Warm and Sealed

You got the best central heating system. Maybe you even got a supplemental heating source for days that are not so cold, to reduce the fuel waste. And even if you always keep an eye on the thermostat, your home still seems to be losing heat. The unexpected source of this heat loss maybe your home’s windows.

Best Window Insulation Kit

If your house is not that well insulated or your windows have a bit too many years of usage on their frame, cold finds a way. Drafts can impact the temperature in a room rather fast. So, no matter how high you set your indoor heater’s temperature, you might still feel a chilling breeze.

A simple, yet effective way to get rid of this problem is making sure your windows are well sealed. Control the airflow, reduce the surfaces that communicate directly with the exterior. These are just some of the steps you can take to decrease the heat loss.

Your windows will become a real barrier against the cold, once you make the most of a window insulation kit. Today, we’ll tell you all about the benefits and drawbacks of these DIY tools. Get to know all about the aspects you should look for in a good kit. More than that, we prepared a list of window insulation kits with the best reviews from buyers. Know the best options available on the market and the steps to install them like a pro. After going through our buyer’s guide, getting your own insulation kit will be like a (warmer) breeze.

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Advantages & Drawbacks Of Using A Window Insulation Kit

Each addition to your home’s structure brings both good and less good aspects. When thinking about a window insulation kit, you should have a clear perspective of the gain and loss.

Below, you’ll find the main advantages of installing a window insulation kit.

  1. Reduced costs for heating

Heat retention increases once your windows have no more cracks to let hot air escape. That means you need to spend less energy to keep a certain temperature in your room. And you can even start setting the thermostat at a lower value. Getting rid of the chilling drafts allows you to feel more comfortable indoors. Such a kit can help you reduce costs down by 40%.

  1. Budget-friendly

Compared to other heating solutions for home, a window insulation kit is far from costly. Accessible even for those with a limited budget, they are usually a popular choice. Given their efficiency, they are often considered to be worth every penny.

  1. Increased security

There’s a lot of things these kits can do to increase your comfort, besides conserving heat. Enhancing your privacy or giving extra resistance to the window glass are some. Rely on them if you want to keep curious eyes away from your room. The film you apply on your window also prevents the glass from shattering in case of accidents.

  1. UV protection

In case you don’t want furniture to show signs of discoloration, you should consider getting a kit. The film helps keep your precious tapestry in great shape and safe from damaging UV rays. Light will still find its way into your home, but the sun radiation won’t damage your furniture.

All is well when it works well, we could say. Yet real life problems and solutions always have another side to look at. In the case of a window insulation kit, there are some drawbacks you may want to consider.

  1. Tricky to install around the nooks

Applying the film on the window glass is rather easy, but nooks and latches are another story. If you are a perfectionist, you might feel bugged by wrinkles or misfittings.

  1. Voiding warranty

Carefully check the window manufacturer’s conditions. Warranty can no longer be valid if you apply a protective film on the glass. Make sure to check even the small print on the warranty details, to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

  1. Short-term solution

Though a window insulation kit helps you save heat and time, you cannot rely on it for too many seasons. Depending on their quality, you may notice some tapes get wrinkly and look messy. Don’t compromise too much when buying your kit. Otherwise, you might have to replace it sooner than you planned.

  1. Difficult to remove

You can install the window kit with ease, but taking it off can prove to be tricky. Tape can remove some of the paint from your window or leave sticky marks on the glass. That leaves you with extra cleaning tasks and repair costs. Check the reviews before you buy, to avoid low-quality, damaging kits.

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What Features Make The Best Window Insulation Kit?

Window insulation kits are an effective and budget-friendly option. And the market offers plenty of options for you to choose from. To make sure you spend your money wisely, we prepared a quick buying guide for these kits.

  • Affordable price

Luckily, a window insulation kit is not something to break your piggy bank for. Most offers are budget-friendly, but you may also notice some producers raise the bar. You should know that a reliable kit should cost a few dollars and provide a decent sealing. To decide if something is worth or not some extra pennies, always check the reviews from other buyers.

  • Transparency

This influences how much sunlight can get through the window, once you applied the film. Check the manufacturer’s description and buyers’ reviews for more details. This saves you the surprise of buying a kit that does the opposite of what you want in terms of letting the light in. Get a kit with opaque or transparent film, according to your needs.

  • Reusability

Once winter is over, you won’t need to keep your window insulated. Having to buy a window insulation kit year after year may not sound so appealing. To be able to use the insulating film for more than one season, pick a kit that allows you to reuse it. This proves useful for both your budget and the environment, as you reduce waste.

  • Effective Sealing

Blocking cold air from entering your house is one of the ways to ensure cozy warmth. An effective window insulation kit keeps this under control. Look for one that provides proper air lock, to prevent any drafts from bringing chills down your neck. This way, the temperature in your room can stay constant for longer.

  • Trouble-Free Installation & Removal

The process behind involves only applying a film and tape on your windows. This is usually a breeze, but the quality of the materials can give you a headache. You may also want to get a kit that does not damage your windows at removal. Tape that ruins the paint or leaves marks on the glass is a big no-no. Look for the recommendations from other buyers, to know what to expect. A product with negative reviews is for sure, something to avoid.

  • Longevity

Your window insulation kit may be low-price, but it shouldn’t be low quality. If the tape starts peeling off shortly after applying it, that is a sign of unreliable quality. Invest in a kit that lasts for more than a few weeks. Always look at what other customers have to say about a product before you buy it.

Our Top-Choice Window Insulation Kits

By now, you should have a better grasp of what makes a window insulation kit good enough for your home. From benefits to most desired features, we’ve revealed all the secrets. Now, it’s time to bring to your attention some of the most remarkable products. Here are our top picks for the best window insulation kits.

Duck Brand Indoor 5-Window Shrink Film Insulator Kit

Gulrear Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent KitView in gallery

Protection with no blockage of the light is what the Duck Indoor Film Insulator Kit promises. It is suitable for five windows that measure 3′ x 5′. The crystal clear film allows you to keep your room safe from cold drafts and still enjoy the sunlight. The kit also includes plenty of double-sided tape, so you can secure the film in place. You can use it to insulate windows with various types of frames. The tape is safe to use on finished or painted wood, as well as on aluminum or vinyl.


  • accessible price
  • easy to adjust to any window size
  • non-damaging for wood/aluminum/vinyl surfaces
  • crystal clear film (ideal to allow light to pass through).


  • some buyers complained some kits came with a lower quality film
  • extra-care recommended when applying the film, for best results.

3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit Insulates 5

Gulrear Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent KitView in gallery

If you’re looking for the clearest window film available, the 3M Window Insulator Kit has it. Ideal for sealing up to five windows, this product guarantees the best results, for a whole season. Made by one of the most appreciated manufacturers in the USA, this 3M kit comes with all you need. Two rolls of reliable, double-sided tape and plenty of crystal clear film are part of the package.


  • high transparency film
  • made in the USA
  • reliable sealing (Scotch tape technology)
  • easy to cut and install
  • reduces condensation
  • energy efficient (increases heat retention by 90%).


  • some buyers complained about damage to the wood paint.

Indoor Shrink Window Kit 42 62-Inch

Gulrear Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent KitView in gallery

A window insulation kit with a lifetime warranty sounds like the real deal. The Frost King V73/9H Indoor Shrink Window Kit is exactly that. Made to enhance heat retention with up to 35%, the package is enough for nine standard size windows. The wrinkle-free insulation provided reduces heat loss and drafts efficiently. Affordable and reliable, this kit is super-easy to install on metal, vinyl or any wood frame.


  • easy to install
  • durable and energy-efficient
  • lifetime warranty.


  • some customers claim the tape does not stick well.

Duck MAX Strength Heavy Duty Insulating Film Window Kit

Gulrear Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent KitView in gallery

For heavy-duty insulation, rely on the Duck MAX Strength Window Kit. Durable, powerful and easy to apply, it is the best choice for indoor use (three windows). Keep drafts and cold out of your home, while making the most of sunlight. You get great insulation and still keep the window visibility. If you have pets or toddlers around the house, the puncture-resistant shrink film is what you need. Budget-friendly, this window insulation kit allows you to put it on and take it off with ease in any season.


  • high-efficiency
  • durable and thick
  • puncture-resistant film
  • budget friendly option
  • easy to install and remove.


  • tape can remove frame paint if left for too long.

Duck Brand Indoor 10-Window Shrink Film Insulator Kit

Gulrear Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent KitView in gallery

Houses with old windows can let cold air sneak in. The Duck Brand Indoor Shrink Film Insulator Kit helps you cover up to ten windows, for more comfort. The shrink film offers full visibility on the outside, while the kit tape securely seals it. Say goodbye to air leaks that make your energy bills grow. Enjoy efficient heating and a cozy atmosphere in your home.


  • high-visibility shrink film
  • easy to install and remove
  • efficient against air leaks
  • accessible price.


  • tape only adheres well to smooth surfaces
  • when removing the film, the tape can damage the frame paint.

LBG Products Window Air Conditioner Foam Insulation Panels

Gulrear Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent KitView in gallery

All the window insulation kits detailed so far are, as you saw, designed for the classical frame. What about the windows which also include an air conditioning unit? Here are our top three recommendations for you. They can help you avoid losing heat while your air conditioner is off.

When your side panels leave space for cold air to enter, it’s time for a change. The LBG Products Window Air Conditioner Foam Panels add that extra-protection you search. They are ideal for insulating or replacing the broken side panels of your window AC unit. Seal out noise, cold or hot air, dust and insects. Installation is a breeze, as the panels are self-adhesive.


  • versatile design
  • ideal to replace/insulate side panels
  • noise absorbent
  • anti-vibration foam
  • keeps cold/hot air and pollutants
  • self-adhesive panels for easy installation.


  • not waterproof (less efficient in highly humid climates).

Foozet Indoor Air Conditioner Cover Double Insulation

Gulrear Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent KitView in gallery

Don’t let dust settle in your AC unit when you’re not using it. And keep cold air outside, while you’re at it. The Foozet Indoor Air Conditioner Cover Double Insulation is a perfect match. This practical and stylish cover provides double insulation. The two stitched layers are ideal for keeping wind, insects and debris outside. Keeping cold away helps reduce energy costs and protect your AC unit. The cover is ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box. Thanks to the elastic band, the edges will adjust perfectly to the size of your unit.


  • helps keep AC unit clean
  • reduces drafts and cold air leaks
  • provides protection from dust, soot or insects
  • easy to install
  • adjustable elastic band for better fitting.


  • light color (prone to getting stained)
  • inaccurate measurements for some products
  • some buyers complained about quality control.

gulrear Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent Kit

Gulrear Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent KitView in gallery

Portable air conditioners also leave a mark on how well sealed your window is at the end of the day. The Gulrear Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent Kit lets you take control over that. This kit includes three adjustable plates, made of durable PVC. Lightweight, easy to install and remove, these plates come with sealing tape too. This way, chilling drafts are a worry of the past.


  • large compatibility with many AC units
  • versatile, adjustable plate design
  • easy to install and remove
  • secure, effective, durable
  • kit includes all materials needed (even an exhaust hose adaptor).


  • more expensive than other window insulating products
  • installation is not so straightforward, according to some buyers.

Before Insulating Your Windows

To avoid unpleasant surprises or waste insulating materials, here are some useful tips.

  • Make sure you properly clean and dry the surfaces.
  • Avoid applying additional stress on the film surface once you apply it.
  • Carefully read the instructions manual and any recommendation from the manufacturer.
  • Follow the steps in the right order and don’t rush through the process.
  • Measure well (more than once) your windows, before you cut the insulating film.
  • Check the reviews of the product, to know if other buyers faced any problems.
  • Remove the insulating layer at the end of the cold season, to avoid any extra damage the tape can cause.

Wrap Up

A window insulation kit can save you a lot of time and money. Quick and easy to install, these DIY solutions allow your home windows to retain heat better. We hope today’s guide makes it easier to find a kit that matches your needs and budget. Once you cover your windows and keep cold air outside of your home, take a look at some of our other articles.

Once drafts are history, you can focus on making the most of your heating sources. From fireplace inserts to space heaters, there are plenty of options for you out there. Keep your home warm and cozy, to enjoy your time spent indoors more!