White Contemporary Interior Décor

Minimalism nowadays is almost synonym with modern or contemporary. Most contemporary apartment feature a minimalist interior. Still, few of them look like this one. This is a classic example or Nordic minimalism. Notice how spacious the rooms are. Of course, this impression is enhanced by the use of white for basically everything, from walls to ceilings, floors are even furniture.

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What’s also striking about this particular interior is the furniture that seems to almost be missing. That’s both because the rooms are so large it makes the furniture seem smaller but also because most of it is white and thus hard to perceive. I really like this place. Even though it’s white and this would mean it’s cold, it has a beautiful décor complemented by wither black or small pops of color. Whether it’s the small decorations like the pillows or something larger like a colorful rug, this pops of color make everything seem complete and they really bring everything together.

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It’s easier to design a minimalist apartment at first but over the years people start to buy things and to accumulate them until it’s no longer minimalism but rather a pile of things that want to suffocate you. It’s important to know when to give up something. Just because you have something in your home it doesn’t mean you necessarily need it and if you decide to replace it then the old one has to go. It’s not easy to throw away memories but sometimes it’s necessary.{found on site here}