What is a  Dutch Gable Roof?

By Katie Barton, Jun 12, 2023

These roofs originated in the Netherlands, which is why they’re known as “Dutch” roofs. They provide many advantages, including increased attic space and protection against high winds.

Rustic Home with Dutch Gable Roof

Pros: More attic or top floor space – The gable roof, or gablet, creates attic space that you can’t get with a traditional hip roof. Structurally strong – The hip design with four sloping sides is self-bracing, withstanding high winds. Space for gutter systems – The four sides of the hipped portion of the roof allow for a sound gutter system. Excellent drainage – The slopes of a dutch gable roof provide adequate drainage that works well for rainy and snowy climates.

Traditional Home with Dutch Hip Roof

Cons: Complicated and expensive construction – Dutch gable roofs have many pitches, making construction complex and more expensive than simple roof styles. More seams – The more seams a roof has, the more chances for leaks.

Modern Home with Dutch Gable Roof