DIY Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Faux painting opens new doors to creative minds. There’s a very simple way to recreate the look and feel of milk glass on any glass piece using faux painting techniques.

What we need

– Clear glass vase  – Gold acrylic/craft paint  – White latex paint – Toothpicks/foam brush (optional)

Let's make DIY Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase


Apply drip paint to the inside rim of the glass vase: To achieve the look of milk glass, all paint should be applied to the inside of the glass. This means you have to work backward, in a way, starting with whatever color you want as your dripped paint.

Spread excess paint to cover the entire glass surface: On this initial paint layer, the important part is what is seen from the outside of the vase (through the glass), not necessarily what is seen looking in.


Watch the paint drip: No, I’m not asking you to watch the paint dry. But I do want you to take a few minutes and watch the paint drip to make sure the paint spread is fairly even and that you’ve applied an appropriate amount of paint.


Wipe the rim: If your paint is dripping to your satisfaction, wipe off the rim of your glass vase.


Let dry: Set your vase in a safe spot, and let it dry thoroughly. This might take a few days, depending on the thickness of your paint.


Remove unwanted paint drips: Remember those paint drips that fell to the bottom of our vase, that we left alone? Well, they’ve dried now and are ready to be removed.


Add the main color of paint: Pour enough paint into the bottom of the vase to cover the bottom.


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