How To Turn A Plain Mason Jar Into A Beautiful Frosted Glass Vase

Mason jars are super useful and versatile in a lot of different situations. It’s so easy to just fill a glass jar with fresh water and put your beautiful bouquet of flower in it but that doesn’t really look that beautiful.

What we need

– mason jar – paintbrush – stencil – scissors – silk ribbon – opal gel  – small butterfly decoration

Let's Turn A Plain Mason Jar Into A Beautiful Frosted Glass Vase


Wrap your stencil around the jar: You first need to clean the mason jar and to make sure you remove any labels or glue that might still be on its surface. Then take your stencil and wrap it around the outside of the jar.

Start applying opal gel with your paintbrush: Keeping the stencil in place with one hand, dip the paintbrush in opal gel with your other hand and start painting the jar.


Reposition the stencil and continue: When you’re done with one section, gently remove the stencil and reposition it so you can continue with your pattern.


Wrap a piece of silk ribbon around the mouth of the jar and secure it with glue: Measure and cut a piece of ribbon that you can then wrap around the mouth of the Mason jar.


Glue the butterfly decoration onto the ribbon: The very last piece of the puzzle is the little butterfly decoration. Apply a little bit of hot glue onto the ribbon and then place the decoration on top, pressing down gently so it sticks.


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