Turn Any Framed Glass into a Black Chalkboard with This Easy DIY Tutorial

This method is extremely simple, and it works great as long as you complete each step entirely.  Ready to create the easiest DIY chalkboard you’ll ever make using Rustoleum chalkboard paint?

What we need

– an old framed picture or empty picture frame with glass – palm sander – fine grit sand paper disc – painter’s tape – Rustoleum chalkboard spray paint – chalk

Let's Turn This Framed Glass into a Black Chalkboard


Sanding the Glass: Choose a piece of framed glass in whatever size or shape you want. Carefully give the glass a good sanding with some coarse sandpaper or steel wool.

Tape the Frame: Tape off the frame with painters’ tape. Take care to keep tape edge, even 1mm, off the glass completely, or your chalkboard will have blank spots.


How to Use the Chalkboard Paint: Shake up a can of Rustoleum chalkboard spray paint. Spray in light, even strokes, across your framed glass. Resist the urge to apply the chalkboard spray paint too thickly with each layer. 


Removing Painter’s Tape: After your last coat has been applied, immediately peel your painters’ tape off at a 45-degree angle. Allow the chalkboard to dry and harden.


How to Condition a Chalkboard: After your DIY chalkboard paint is thoroughly hardened, and before you do anything else, take the side of a piece of chalk and rub it all around the surface of your chalkboard.


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