DIY Budget-Friendly Framed Chalkboard Art

Turn any flea market or thrift store frame into a versatile chalkboard for quick memos, shout outs for celebrations, or as a piece of home art. Pick a fun bold color to makeover the frame and create your own chalkboard insert with this easy and super budget-friendly project! So many possibilities for colors, shapes, and sizes for your custom chalkboard. Time to get inspired and get crafting!

 Framed Chalkboard Art
DIY chalkboard supplies

Supplies you’ll need for a chalkboard art:

  • Wood (a thin balsa wood works well as a frame insert)
  • Frame
  • Spray paint
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Super glue
  • Saw (bandsaw or jigsaw)
  • Sandpaper

Instructions step by step to build the framed chalkboard:

Step 1: Trace around the frame

Set your frame on your piece of wood and trace the inside (most exterior aspect of the frame, making the wood cut out piece big enough to not fall out the front of the frame but small enough to fit into the back insert).

Set your frame on wood plank

Step 2: Painting process

 Paint your frame with a coat of evenly applied spray paint. Set aside and let the paint dry according to the instructions on the back of the bottle. Apply any additional coats as needed.

Step 3: Cutting the circle

Cut out the circle of wood with a saw. A bandsaw or jigsaw will give you the best results for a round cut. Sand the edges to get rid of any splinters or jagged edges.

Chalkboard Paint

Step 4: add the chalk paint

Paint the wooden circle with chalkboard paint. Apply an even coat and let dry according to the instructions on the back of the can. Apply additional coats as needed.

Step 5: attach the circle to the frame

Once the paint on both the wooden circle and the frame are dry, place the circle cut into the frame. Align them so that the wood grain is horizontal which will make it slightly easier to write on. Use super glue on the inside lip of the frame to attach the chalkboard to the frame. Let dry.

Note on hanging: If your frame has a hanging kit installed on the back already attached then use that to hang on the wall. If not, you can add a bracket with super glue to the back of the frame for wall hanging.

DIY framed chalkboard tutorial

Prime the chalkboard with some chalk dust prior to writing on it to make cleaning up from mess ups a bit easier. Use a cool template from a quick online search or freehand letter a fun saying for home or for your next celebration!