How To Make A Beach-Inspired Memory Jar For Your Little Mementos

We all like to bring little mementos from the places we’ve visited. Next time you’re at the beach take a bit of sand as well so you can make a memory jar. It would look lovely on one of your shelves.

What we need

– Jar – seashells – cork – sand – scissors – hot glue – twine string – hemp twine – pincers – conical tongs – funnel

Let's make A Beach-Inspired Memory Jar


Cover the bottom of the jar in twine: Decide how much of the bottom portion you want to cover in twine and start from the top layer. Add a thin line of glue, press the twine and let it stick. Then wrap it tightly around the jar, adding more glue bit by bit.

Cover the mouth in twine as well: Once you’re done wrapping twine around the bottom section of the jar, do the same thing for the top. Cover the jar’s mouth in twine the same way, adding thin lines of glue and wrapping the twine tightly all around.


Pour in the sand: Now that the exterior of the jar is decorated with twine, you can start focusing on the interior. Start with the sand. Pour it in using the funnel and don’t add too much.


Add the shells: After the sand is in place and you’re happy with it, it’s time to add the shells and any other beach-related ornaments you might want to use for this project.


Make the “beach” ornament: Use the conical tongs to bend a piece of wire and to twist it so that in the end it says “beach”, all one word made from a single piece of wire.


Make the little wire heart: This part is easier since it’s just a little heart that you need to make. Take a piece of wire and bend and twist it to make this cute shape and make sure to leave the ends longer.


Connect the heart to the “beach” ornament: Take your little wire heart and attach it to the “beach” ornament somewhere in the center, between the “a” and the “c”. Twist the ends together so it stays in place.


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