Waterfall Woven Wood Shade

I am a very light sleeper, so when the first sun ray gets into my eyes I can kiss my sleep good bye. No matter how tired I am or how hard I try and keep my eyes closed, I still can’t fall asleep again. That is why I try to use shutters or blinders or even thick curtains for my windows when it’s a weekend and I want to sleep until late in the morning. I found these great Waterfall Woven Wood Shades and I thought they were great. First of all the shade is wooden which is a totally natural material, so very safe for the environment and pleasant to touch. Then it has a very nice design and looks like a waterfall, as the name suggests it.

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It is actually made of very thin natural soft woods like bamboo, grass and reeds which are held together by an intricate and delicate woven pattern. The shade rolls gently when you no longer need darkness and want to let the sunlight come in. The shade is perfect as it also has the perfect size: it matches the frame of your window perfectly. This way it will not take too much space and won’t be too small either, but, as I said before- be just perfect. This shade is available in many colours and materials and each of them surprises you with its originality. The price for the item starts from $208.