7 Best Ways to Recycle Carpet

One of the trickiest parts of getting new flooring is figuring out what to do with the old. When it comes time to recycle carpet, you may find that your options are limited.

Carpet contains three layers – the layer you walk on is the fiber and comes in many different materials. Under the carpet fiber are two layers of backing separated by glue. Since there are many layers and types of fibers, you can’t bring carpet into a regular recycling facility. Instead, you have to find a carpet recycling program.

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How to Find a Carpet Recycling Program

Carpet recycling programs are not as common as those for metal, paper, or plastic. If you live in a city, you’ll have an easier time finding a program versus those in a rural area. 

Look for carpet recycling on Earth911 – Go to Earth911, search for “carpet,” and enter your zip code. It will display all recycling centers within up to 100 miles of you.

Hire LoadUpLoadUp is a junk removal service that will pick up and recycle your carpet for you. The service isn’t free, though. You can inquire about the price on their website.

Contact your local municipalities waste removal office – Check the website of your local government or county office to inquire about carpet recycling programs. Some municipalities have carpet drop-off locations, while others offer pick-up.

But not all localities offer this service, so if you live in a more rural area, you might be out of luck.

Find a Collection Site through CARE – CARE, Carpet America Recovery Effort, has a list of carpet collection centers in the United States, displayed on this interactive map.

Have the new flooring company take the old carpet – Local flooring companies will be the most knowledgeable about recycling carpets in your area. When you purchase your new floor, ask about a haul-away service for your existing carpet.

Contact your local recycling plant or trash service – While your regular recycling center or trash service may not offer carpet recycling, they can inform you of your options in the area.

Hire 1-800-Got-Junk – Another junk removal service, 1-800-Got-Junk, will pick up your carpet and responsibly dispose of it for a fee.

Where to Donate Carpet

If your carpet is in pristine condition, you can donate it. Before doing so, make sure the carpet is swept and free of stains. You can list it for free on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. You can also contact your local Habitat for Humanity Restore to see if they’re accepting carpets at this time. However, they may only take remnants of new carpet – not your used items.

How to Dispose of Carpet

If you’ve exhausted your options and your carpet is too dirty or damaged to donate, you can dispose of carpet through your trash service. Contact the service ahead of time. They may require you to cut the carpet into smaller sections that are easy to load. Carpet is considered a “bulk waste,” and you’ll need to pay a fee for pick up.

If you can’t move or break down the carpet yourself, contact a local junk removal company. They will pick up your carpet and padding and dispose of it for you.