Shingle Disposal: How to Get Rid of Your Old Roofing Material

Whether you’re doing a small patch job or re-roofing your house, it’s essential to plan for shingle disposal. Since roofing shingles aren’t reusable, giving them away isn’t an option. Instead, you’ll need to find ways to dispose of or recycle shingles.

Where to Get Rid of Old Shingles

Shingle Disposal: How to Get Rid of Your Old Roofing Material

There are many types of shingles, including asphalt, tile, clay, concrete, and wood. Due to their low cost and durability, asphalt shingles are the most popular type in the United States. While our list focuses on asphalt shingles, most of these methods will work for disposing of all roofing materials.

Recycle Your Old Asphalt Shingles through a Contractor

Shingle manufacturer, Owens Corning, runs a shingle recycling program. They accept asphalt shingles, turning them into new shingles or recycling them into asphalt paving.

Visit their website to find an independent contractor in your area that recycles shingles.

Take them to a C&D Recycling Center

You can recycle most shingles by dropping them off at a Construction and Demolition Recycling center. Find these facilities by searching “shingle recycling near me” or locating your state on the website of the Shingle Recycling Association.

Haul Your Old Shingles to the Landfill

If there are no recycling centers in your area, you can load up your shingles and take them to the nearest landfill. Be sure to cover the shingles with a tarp so none fly out as you’re driving. Shingle disposal is about $40 per ton at most landfills.

Rent a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster before you start your roof tear-off is ideal for disposing of your shingles and other roofing material. If your home is the average size in the U.S. with a 1,700-square-foot roof, you can fit your shingles in a 10-yard dumpster. Expect to pay about $400 for a week-long 10-yard dumpster rental.

Utilize a Junk or Debris Removal Service

Most junk removal services will haul away your old shingles, but since shingles are heavy, costs can add up.

A single layer of asphalt shingles on the averaged size, 1,700 sq ft roof, weighs approximately 4,000 lbs. Most junk removal companies have a 2-ton capacity per truck, so if you exceed this limit, you’ll need to pay for multiple trucks.

If you’re interested in a junk haul-away service, contact a national company like Junk-King or work with a local junk business.

Ask Your Contractor in Advance

Your roofing contractor tears down and reroofs hundreds of homes per year. They will be the most knowledgeable in shingle disposal. Some contractors will even dispose of your old shingles after tear-off or arrange a dumpster on your behalf.