How to Get Rid of Construction Waste

While construction projects are exciting, they produce a lot of waste. Construction waste differs from regular household trash; most trash services won’t accept it as a curbside bulk item.

Construction Waste

Best Ways to Get Rid of Construction Waste

Construction waste must go to a C&D waste facility, recycling center, or building material specialist. Here’s an overview of the many ways you can get rid of construction waste.

Donate What You Can

ReUse Building Centers and the Habitat for Humanity Restore accept donations of in-good-condition building supplies and construction materials. Acceptable items include used cabinets, light fixtures, countertops, appliances, and fireplace mantels. They also welcome new items like leftover flooring, bags of concrete, and grout.

Give it Away

Landscaping items like rocks, bricks, and concrete pavers are easy to give away. List them online or leave them at the end of your driveway with a ‘free’ sign.

If you don’t want to deliver stuff to a donation center, you can also try getting rid of your old cabinets, counters, and light fixtures through Facebook groups, FreeCycle, and Craigslist.

Bring Your Construction Waste to a C&D Recycling Center

C&D recycling centers accept most types of construction debris, keeping them out of the landfill. Locate one near you by searching Google or 

Hauling items to a C&D recycling center is one of the easiest and most responsible ways to dispose of a mix of construction waste.

Utilize Specialized Recycling Options

Utilize specialized recycling centers for asphalt shingles and concrete. Recyclers turn asphalt shingles into asphalt paving or new shingles. Concrete recycling entails crushing concrete and turning it into aggregate or landscaping stones. These recyclers can also turn large concrete slabs into pavers or blocks.

Rent a C&D Dumpster from a Trash Service

While your local trash service won’t pick up construction debris with your regular garbage, they may have a C&D dumpster for rent. They dispose of the waste in these dumpsters at specialized construction and demolition landfills.

Haul the Debris to the Construction and Debris Landfill

If you have the appropriate hauling equipment, take your debris to a C&D landfill. Find the nearest landfill to you by searching online or calling your trash service. Expect to pay around $40 per ton of trash you dump.

Hire a Trash/Junk Removal Company

When you have a lot of construction debris lying around, a junk removal service might be the most efficient option. They will load and dispose of your construction debris. Compare the price of dumpster rentals and a junk haul-away service to see which will be the most economical for your situation.