Rock Disposal: Best Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Rocks

There are many rock disposal options, whether you bought too many for your latest project or need to get rid of your old landscaping stones. 

While you can’t leave a pile of rocks out with your regular garbage, you can try one of the options below to get rid of your rocks for free. In very few instances, you’ll need to pay for rock removal.

Get rid of rocks

How to Get Rid of Rocks: Top Options

The best way to free yourself of excess rocks is to give them away. When that doesn’t work, you can haul them to a landfill or have someone pick them up. 

Set the Rocks at the End of Your Driveway with a “Free” Sign

As long as your road gets a moderate amount of traffic, setting the rocks at the end of your driveway with a “free” sign will likely have them gone in a matter of days. 

Rocks are handy for many construction and landscape projects. So whether you have a small pile of gravel or large landscaping rocks, someone is bound to pick them up.

List them Online (Ideal for Heavy Landscaping Rocks)

If you aren’t comfortable or able to put your rocks at the end of the driveway, list them online. You can start by posting about them on your Facebook profile. If there are no takers, try a Facebook group, Freecycle, or Craigslist.

If you have heavy landscaping rocks, indicate whether the recipient will need equipment to move or load them.

Donate them to a Building Supply Thrift Store

Building reuse stores accept in-good-condition used building supplies, including those for landscaping. Find one in your area by searching “building reuse store near me.” Then contact the company to see if they accept rocks.

Give them to a Landscaping Company

Landscaping companies can use most types of rocks, from aggregate to pea gravel to large boulders. If you were unable to give the rocks to an individual, contact local landscaping companies. They may be able to pick up your rocks from your home.

Recycle them through a C&D Facility

Construction and demolition recycling centers can recycle rocks like they recycle concrete and asphalt products. They crush them to create aggregate or use them for road construction projects.

Find your nearest construction and demolition recycling center here

Contact Friends with Wooded Areas

If you’re wondering where to dump rocks for free, contact your friends and family members with wooded areas. They may need rocks to line muddy paths or creek beds. 

Of course, you should never dump your rocks in a random wooded area or without permission.

Haul the Rocks to the Landfill

While you can’t leave rocks out with your regular garbage, you can haul them to the landfill in most instances. The dump will charge you by the pound or by the cubic foot. It costs about $40 per ton, so if you only have a small amount of rocks to get rid of, you won’t have a hefty bill.

Rent a Dumpster

If you’re working on a large landscaping job, rent a construction and demolition dumpster before you start. You can load up rocks and other debris as you work. Then, when you’re done (or after a week), the dumpster company will pick up and dispose of your waste.

Indicate the type of material you’ll be disposing of before you rent the dumpster.

Hire a Junk Hauler

A local junk or debris hauler can load up your rocks and take them to the landfill or recycling center, depending on what’s available in your area. Utilize this option if you were unsuccessful in getting rid of the rocks for free and don’t have a truck or the ability to haul the rocks yourself.