Modern Wall Shelves Seamlessly Blend Aesthetics With Function

If there’s one piece of furniture you can put in any type of space no matter how big or small or how formal or casual, that would be a wall shelf. Wall shelves are incredibly versatile not just from a spatial and stylistic point of view but also because they’re useful in so many different ways. In a lot of cases they even double as sculptures or decorations. To show you this wonderful versatility, we’ve prepared a few examples. They range from geometric shelves with eye-catching forms to sleek and simple shelves and even solid models that double as tables or desks.

Aveva Raw Triangle Shelf

We’ll start with this Raw Triangle shelf system which can be displayed and used in a variety of different ways. The system is composed of several modules, each shaped like a triangle. Depending on how these triangles are displayed, they can serves as magazine racks, bookshelves, storage compartments for accessories or display pieces for ornaments. The modules are of three types: a small version and two medium ones, one with an open front and one with an open side. Combine them in any way you see fit.

Lamp and shelf - Le mobilier de Gras
Le mobilier de Gras

Some shelves have additional functions or accessories. For instance, Lampe Gras is an interesting combination between a shelf and a lamp. This allows it to serve functions that other shelves can’t. Install this in the bedroom and it will serve as a nightstand or put it in another room and use it as a small desk for small tasks. It can also be used on entrance hallways or in kitchens and dining spaces where it can serve as a mini counter or bar.The shelf can be easily installed anywhere there’s a wall socket. It can even be combined with other accent pieces.

Tuile Tomas Merlin Shelf
Tuile Tomas Merlin Shelf Design

Verastility is also the defining characteristic of this stylish shelf called Tuile. It’s made of wood with beautiful natural colors and it has a simple and elegant design, with a curved shape and two discreet hooks that allow you to attach it to a wall. Use it as a nightstand in the bedroom or as a display shelf in the living room or any other area of the house. The shelf comes in two sizes which can be combined to create a bigger display surface or an interesting and graphical shelving system.

FlipShelf- Nordic Design

The Flip Shelf is a bookshelf with a quirky modern twist. What’s interesting about it is that each shelf is made of two sections: the top and the bottom. These two can be combined to create a shelf with the ideal height for the type of books you want to store in it. The top half is made of oak or walnut and the bottom is made of powder-coated metal. Play with these two-toned shelves to create interesting units and systems.

Solid wood shelf

When you think about it, a wall-mounted console table or a desk are basically just simple shelves. They are of course different than your usual wall shelf used as a display area for a vase or a few books. First of all, they’re more robust and also bigger. Take this solid wood shelf for example. It looks exquisite especially with that accent lighting that highlights its form.

Round metallic wall shelves above sofa

Most modern wall shelves have a double function, serving both as functional furniture pieces and as decorations for the space. This design is a good example. The shelves are eye-catching and have an interesting geometric form which doesn’t diminish their practicality. Their rounded form makes them suitable for bedrooms, allowing them to maintain a pleasant and welcoming ambiance and decor.

Simple Wire and wood wall shelves

Multifunctional designs are extremely popular these days and this idea applies to everything from coffee tables to chairs and even smaller things like wall shelves. Check out these ones which seem to be perfect for entryways, kitchens or bathrooms. They offer a small storage/ display surface but also integrate hooks which comes in really handy for things like jackets or hand towels.

Boxed wall shelves

Modularity and flexibility are often just as important as the aesthetics. In the case of wall shelves, these characteristics are actually desirable if you want to be able to easily customize or modify the decor and the configuration of your furniture arrangement. A good option is a series of individual shelves which can be mixed and matched in lots of different ways.

Leather hanging shelf

Style is always important when decorating a space and it’s often the little things and accent pieces that actually help outline a particular style or create a certain type of ambiance. Let’s say you want a room to feel inviting and comfortable, with a hint of casual elegance. A shelf like this one would be just right. It features a combination of wood and leather.

Picture ledge wall shelves

Different types of shelves can be used for different types of activities or items. For example, if you want to decorate the walls of your home with plates or other similar things, consider long and narrow wall shelves with  a raised edge that prevents the items from slipping and falling down.

Half box wall sheves

For bigger things like vases, framed paintings or sculptures, a different type of shelves is needed. They should have a larger base and it would also be nice to have some raised side panels that frame the items and offer protection. It can also be interesting to play with two or more different colors in such a case.

Hanging shelves - floating design

This sort of thin and sleek wall shelves is very elegant and wonderful for minimalist interiors. They are used in pairs or two, three or more and they have multiple functionalities. Consider this style for indoor gardens or for collections.

Bathroom wall small boxes shelves with towel storage

Cubbies or box shelves are suitable options for spaces that need some extra storage. For instance, consider such shelves for bathrooms, kitchens or offices. They allow you to organize things easily and to keep everything close at hand and accessible.

Bathroom wall shelves

Small bathrooms often use wall shelves to look bigger and more airy without giving up on functionality or storage. A solid wall-mounted shelf can serve as a vanity while a set of cubbies can take care of the storage.