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Gorgeous Velvet Sectional Sofas to Set Your Style

A sectional sofa is a versatile piece of furniture because of many different reasons. It will never go out of style and it’s the kind of furniture that you can play around with to get the best out of your space and make sure that your living room look exactly the way you want it to. But there are many more benefits to choosing a sectional couch, especially one made from a material as pleasant to the touch as velvet is. Are you ready to explore this world together with us?

Benefits of a Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are just darn right comfortable. You can do anything from having coffee with your friends to lounging and reading a book. It is this precise versatility that makes sectionals a purchase worth making despite all the new interior design trends that focus on minimalism. So, what are some of the other reasons that make sectional shopping a good idea?

  • Despite them being pretty big, sectional sofas offer extra room space. Their design will help them fill empty living room corners and you can play around with the sections to incorporate them in other pieces of furniture. The chaise can be placed separately from the sofa itself, which helps maximize space.
  • With a sectional sofa, you can benefit from additional seating arrangements, which is really beneficial when you have limited room space to work with. A sectional sofa can accommodate a lot of people at once since you get an additional corner seat.
  • A sectional sofa translates into more options in terms of room design because of the adaptability of this piece of furniture. By simply moving the sectional layout, you can change the appearance of a room. This is also achieved easily considering that the individual sections are easier to move around and this can likely be done by a single person.
  • In case on the parts gets damaged, it should be easier to replace. Not only that, but replacing damaged parts should be more cost-effective. For instance, most sectional sofas come with removable cushions that can be individually replaced.

Sectional Sofa Designs

When it comes to sectional sofas, you have a lot of options in terms of design, and knowing what those options are going to help you choose one that’s more suitable to your room style:

  • L-shaped sectional sofas basically look like two couches merged into one. These sofas are typically a fusion of a three-cushion style with a two-cushion style, but they can also be larger. They are extremely versatile and are perfect for those of you that want to fill large empty corners of a room.
  • Curved sectionals have very elegant silhouettes which make them a piece of art more than an actual sofa. They are not that suitable for small spaces because the design makes it difficult for you to flush them against a wall, which means they will have to be placed closer to the center of a room.
  • Chaise sectionals are basically regular sofas with an ottoman attached to them. You can better visualize these if you think about them as L-shaped sofas that have an ottoman replacing the part with the least seating space. In terms of placement, you can play around with chaise sectionals pretty much as you would with a regular L-shaped sectional.
  • U-shaped sectional are great for people with plenty of room space, as this is the design that offers the most seating space out of all the ones at your disposal. Since there are two arms facing each other, U-shaped sectionals are excellent pieces of furniture for those with a lot of guests, as they allow for more intimate conversations where people can face each other.
  • Sleepers are a category of sectionals that allow for a pretty comfortable sleeping position. However, they are not designed to permanently replace a bed, since the cushioning of such a sofa isn’t suited to offer good support for your body. They are, however, suitable for situations where you have a guest crashing in for the night and can serve you well on some night where you just fall asleep in front of the TV.
  • Modular sofas have sections that allow you to play around with multiple pieces and achieve a configuration suitable for your room. Some modular can have up to five pieces and, unlike a regular sectional (which allows you connect the pieces in a limited number of ways), modular sofas are more versatile.

Choosing a Sectional Sofa

Now that we know what your options are, it’s time to check out this list of tips that will help you even further in the process of choosing a piece of furniture that’s right for your needs:

  • When you’ve narrowed your choice down to a chaise or an L-shaped sectional, there is one important question you have to ask yourself: do you want a left-facing or a right-facing sofa? This is important because choosing the wrong option might limit the versatility you have in terms of placement.
  • Measurements can go a long way in making sure you have the required amount of space for the sofa you’re thinking of purchasing. If you find it easier, you can make a cardboard cutout of the dimensions of the sofa and place it on the floor to make sure that space will be properly organized after you place your new sectional. Alternatively, you can measure the free space you have at your disposal and choose a couch that matches those measurements.
  • One thing that a lot of people don’t take into consideration when it comes to L-shaped and U-shaped sectionals is the fact that the corner seat will most likely have very limited leg space. If your particular living room configuration will limit leg space for that seat, you might want to consider opting for a rounder style.

Stunning Velvet Sofa Suggestions

Velvet Sofa & Chaise

Karin Velvet Reversible Sofa Chaise

The first item on today’s list is a velvet sofa with a chaise include. If you’re looking to add that mid-century style vibe to your living room, this is a piece worth considering. Should the dusty blue not appeal to your liking, you can also opt for the dark or light gray options. Comprised of two pieces, this ensemble has removable cushions filler with foam and synthetic fibers. It can seat up to three people and the included chaise measures 31.88” H x 36.22” W x 63” D.

Wide Velvet Sofa & Chaise

Karin Velvet Reversible Sofa Chaise

If you would like to the aforementioned sofa in a wider version, here it is! Just like the previous model, this one also includes a chaise, but it measures 118.89 inches in width. The cushions are removable and have the seating filled with foam and synthetic fibers. There are corner blocks reinforcing the joints, so you can rest assured that every cent spent is invested in a durable product. The legs are made from metal and go hand-in-hand with the beautiful upholstery color options: dark blue, light gray, and forest green.

Dark Wide Velvet Sofa & Chaise

Karin Velvet Reversible Sofa Chaise

Here is one more velvet sofa from AllModern, because they make some of the best products fitted to this category. Built with a solid wood frame and sturdy metal feet, this sofa is available in three beautiful upholstery colors for you to choose from: dark grey, light grey, and rust velvet. Much like in the previous two examples, we’re talking about a sectional couch that includes a chaise and comes with removable cushions filled with a combination of foam and synthetic fibers.

Abellas-Bauzo 100″ Left Hand Facing Sectional

Karin Velvet Reversible Sofa Chaise

The Abellas-Bauzo can be described as a simple and timeless couch, yet nothing about it appears simplistic. The two-piece sofa comes with removable cushions that are filled with foam, all covered in soft velvet. The upholstery colors at your disposal are white, sea blue, and dark gray. The sofa measures 34” H x 100” W x 66” D overall and weighs about 110 pounds. It is made from a solid and manufactured wood frame and is supported by black wooden legs.

Lora 97″ Wide Velvet Right Hand Facing Sofa & Chaise

Karin Velvet Reversible Sofa Chaise

It’s not every day that you come across a beautiful velvet sectional couch with button-tufted upholstery, so you might want to take advantage of the elegance of the Lora couch. Available in colors such as white, blue, or wine red, this ensemble measures 31.5” H x 97” W x 61” D overall and comes in at a total weight of 135 pounds (and a total weight capacity of 850 pounds). It has a seating capacity of three people and comes with cushions filled with foam and springs.

Genevieve 102.75″ Right Hand Facing Sectional

Karin Velvet Reversible Sofa Chaise

The Genevieve sofa is the kind of piece of furniture that feels like an upgrade the second you set it up in your living room. It’s designed to be a combination between a loveseat and a chaise, but it has a three-people seating capacity and a design that just inspires luxury. It is built around a metal and manufactured wood frame and has visible iron legs. The velvet upholstery is available in shades of green, gray, and blue, and the cushioned seats are filled with polyurethane foam. Overall, this couch measures 28” H x 102.75” W x 69.5” D and has a total weight capacity of 700 pounds.

Hafsa 115” Velvet Reversible Sleeper Sofa & Chaise with Ottoman

Karin Velvet Reversible Sofa Chaise

The Hafsa sectional sofa is a gem amongst its peers, with beautiful button-tufted backrests and details that make it worthy of any clean-lined silhouette furniture lover. Measuring 32.3” H x 115” W x 59.37” D overall and supporting a total weight of 900 pounds, this sturdy sofa is built upon a frame made from solid and manufactured wood, weighing in at a total of 151 pounds. It has a reversible orientation and can seat up to three people. The cushioning area is made from pocket springs and padded with foam for more comfort.

Cheeseman 57.87″ Sectional

Karin Velvet Reversible Sofa Chaise

With a more traditional look and elements that will complement the décor of your living room, the Cheeseman couch has many details that make it a worthy contender to become your next piece of furniture. It’s made from a frame of solid and manufactured wood and comes with cushions made of foam and springs, for just the right amount of bounciness and contouring. It can support up to 750 pounds and seats up to three people. You have six different color options to choose from, including a dusty rose, a vivid green, and an inspiring dark blue.

Alsafi Right Hand Facing Sectional

Karin Velvet Reversible Sofa Chaise

Almost every detail about the Alsafi couch makes it one of the most beautiful and elegant sectional sofas we’ve ever seen. This L-shaped couch comes with a clean silhouette and a button-tufted backrest that makes it a stylish choice for people who want to add more personality to their living room. It measures 30” H x 120.5” W x 85” D overall and can support up to 660 pounds in weight. It can seat up to four people and comes with a manufactured wood frame and chrome legs. You can select from four different upholstery colors: teal, gray, navy, and plum.

Karin 111″ Velvet Reversible Sofa & Chaise

Karin Velvet Reversible Sofa Chaise

If you have your heart set on a sleeper sectional, here is a product that might do you justice. It measures 34” H x 111” W x 70.87” D overall and is built with a solid wood frame and metal legs that can support up to 880 pounds in weight. Just like plenty of other models, the Karin couch comes with cushions made from springs and foam, to offer support and padding as you sit down for hours on end. It is a reversible couch covered in button-tufted upholstery available in colors such as sapphire, quartz, emerald, or amethyst.

Bottom Line

A sectional couch is both versatile and practical, which makes it an ideal choice whether you have plenty of space to put it or not that much to spare. While velvet is a wonderful choice, there are multiple other fabrics that serve to create beautiful upholstery in a product that can serve you so well. Just consider the many different types of designs that are currently available on the market and try to visualize the many ways in which you can use a sectional in your living room.