Fall Fireplace Mantel Decor With White Pumpkins

This is such a fun time of the year…the leaves are changing and temperatures are dropping. Traditionally, fall home decor tends to be bright and colorful with lots of reds and oranges reflecting the hues that Mother Nature splashes across the horizon.

Fall pumpkin project

But sometimes, going a neutral route with fall decoration can be a breath of fresh air.

Paint in white the pumkins

Step One: Pick your pumpkins

For this project, I am going to blend light colors with fall tradition. Pumpkins are definitely an iconic accessory for fall. I purchased these white pumpkins because their color alone feels like a modern take on a traditional trend.

Old fashioned keys

Step Two: Get your keys

Although there are a number of different items you could use for this project, I purchased a set of antique keys. Of course, if you happen to have real antique keys, that’s even better.

Arrange the keys on a table

Step Three: Double check

To make sure the keys will work for what I have planned, I arranged them on the table to spell the word “FALL.”

Using Hot Glue

Step Four: Glue

Using a hot glue gun, I applied a line of glue on the pumpkin where I wanted the first letter to go.

Add a lot of glue for each key

Because the pumpkin is round and has ridges, I needed a generous amount of glue. I had to push down on the key to be sure it would adhere to the pumpkin. Because the key is straight and rigid, some parts of it do not actually touch the pumpkin.

Letters on each pumpkin

I lined up the pumpkins and attached all the keys to form one letter on each pumpkin.

Closer look to the keys

It was that simple! I now have a decor that is a unique and puts a creative spin on a fall tradition.

Neutral colored pumpkins

Using neutral-colored pumpkins gives a more updated feel to the standard fall pumpkin decor.

Fall mantel design
Rocks fireplace with pumpkins on mantel

These unique pumpkins fit right in on a stone style fireplace mantel that is all decked out for fall.

Unique fall mantel decor
Fall pumpkin with Words Closer
Angle view mantel decor

I adore the autumn season and enjoy the outdoors, as well as a cozy home with an interior that is decorated for fall. This creative twist on pumpkins adds a little fun and a modern flair to my space.