Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams: The Only Black Paint You’ll Ever Need

Tricorn Black has become a favored color for home design in recent years. In terms of colors, black is one of the few hues that is without a doubt timeless.

Tricorn Black

For this reason, it’s a common choice for homeowners looking for a design option that’s both modern and ageless.

When it comes to paint colors, Tricorn Black is no exception. A bold black paint that packs a punch, Tricorn Black has been made popular for a reason.

Its ability to be both dramatic yet natural make it as versatile as it is charming, creating an irresistible color fit for any personal style.

What is Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black?

Tricorn Black

Tricorn Black is one of three Sherwin Williams black paint colors that are considered to be true blacks at heart. A well balanced hue with serious depth, its high level of saturation is what makes it so striking. Neither warm nor cool, Tricorn Black is a rich, sophisticated hue that can be used for accent walls, trims, cabinets and the like.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black Undertones

One of the main reasons this particular black paint color is so well-loved is because of its lack of undertones. Unlike some of its top competitors, it has no clear undertones which allow it to work well with just about any other color. A strong neutral black with adaptability that goes unmatched, it offers limitless color palette options.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black LRV

The LRV or Light Reflectance Value is a critical number to keep in mind when making your paint selection since it’ll determine how light or dark your color will read. As it relates to Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black, its LRV lands at a 3 which is very dark considering the fact that 0 is the purest most dark black. All of that to say, Tricorn Black is thought to be one of the truest, darkest black paint colors on the market.

How does it compare to Benjamin Moore Jet Black, Sherwin Williams Iron Ore and Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron?

While Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is the neutral go-to, it shares some competition for the overall best black paint color. Check out these other blacks and see how they hold up against this Sherwin Williams favorite.

How does it compare

Benjamin Moore Jet Black:

A small hint of blue mixed in to create an inky hue, Benjamin Moore Jet Black is one of the darkest blacks offered by the company. While Tricorn Black still comes in at a lower LRV, Jet Black isn’t far behind at a light reflectance of 4.71. Presenting as a smoky black, it’s a great choice if you want something a bit lighter.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore:

A black paint color with a charcoal tinge, Sherwin Williams Iron Ore is a notable shade lighter than Tricorn Black. With its light reflectance value at a 6, it’s higher than Tricorn Black but still remains at the low end of the spectrum making it a genuine dark hue.

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron:

A mixture of blacks, grays and dark blue tones, this unique black paint color is a versatile shade with a softer finish. Carrying an LRV of 8.17, it’s by far the lightest of the four colors. Even so, its dynamic presentation make it well worth it if you don’t mind your black hue displaying lighter in certain scenarios.

Complementary Colors

Seeing as SW Tricorn Black is a neutral color at its core, it pairs with pretty much any paint you could choose. Here’s some coordinating colors to start with ranging from simple neutrals to vibrant hues.

  • Cotton Sherwin Williams (LRV 83): The lightest on the list, this is a warm white that will produce plenty of contrast while remaining pretty neutral.

  • Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore (LRV 55.05): A warm paint color with a tinge of green undertones, displaying more beige or gray depending on light.

  • Sea Salt Sherwin Williams (LRV 63): A green gray paint color with lots of versatility and a cool, soft finish.

  • Stratus Behr (LRV 28): A deep shade that’s part of the purple color family but presents as a darker, muted blue.

  • Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams (LRV 60): The most popular gray to date, this hue offers a flawless blend of gray and beige.

  • Flamenco Pink Valspar (LRV 27.7): A warm color in the orange family with just enough brightness to shift it towards the pink side.

Trim Colors

If you’re using Tricorn Black on your walls or even on larger surfaces like cabinetry, you’ll need to pick your trim color wisely. Here’s a few options that’ll coordinate well while ensuring the contrast is pleasing to the eye and not too stark.

  • Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White (LRV 82.6): A cooler white with a hint of gray.

  • Behr Polar Bear (LRV 90): A bright white with a subdued warmth.

  • Sherwin Williams Extra White (LRV 86): A crisp white with a slight blue undertones.

  • Valspar Ultra White (LRV 93.5): A pure white with little to no undertones.

Real Examples of Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Entry Way

Entry Way
Megan Unger

Neutrals surround this entry way with a fresh and comfortable feel, Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black stealing the show on the front door with an unmatched level of contrast.


Rosa Moreno Kitchens

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black makes a powerful presentation on these kitchen cabinets. The distinction in cabinetry color and neighboring pure white hues give this space a stark yet sleek finish.

Living Room

Living Room
Laura Hogg

A living room with the homiest of feels, Tricorn Black at the center of it all with a stunning accent wall accompanied by mixed textiles and contrasting neutral shades. Natural light shows off the gentle size of this hue.

Dining Room

Dining Room
Folding Chair Design

A transitional dining room with no lack of drama, Tricorn Black provides this space with an impressive level of sophistication. Utilizing two different finishes and warm orange curtains, this living space is without doubt a knockout.


Lulu Designs

Tricorn Black embellishes this split-colored wall with a plain distinction that can’t go unnoticed. Softer hues balance out the dark half wall to create the touch of gentleness every nursery needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black too black?

A common worry when using black paint is that it might appear “too black” meaning it comes off dreary. The last thing anyone wants is a hue too dark to be considered attractive in the home setting. That said, while Tricorn Black is a true black, it’s not “too black”. The lack of strong undertones are its saving grace, allowing it to adapt to the surrounding environment and natural light.

Can Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black be used on the exterior of the home?

Tricorn Black can be used on your home’s exterior, to what extent is the better question. While some have chosen this deep black as a whole house exterior paint color, it’s not as common as using it for trim. This color on the entire exterior could diminish the overall look of the architectural features, making them hard to identify.

That said, SW Tricorn Black is best used as a trim and accent color. Adding it to shutters, window frames, garage doors, or exterior doors will highlight the details of your home’s structure, showing off all the elements you worked so hard to design.

Is Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black a matte black?

It can be, but it isn’t across the board. The term “matte” refers to the paint color’s finish which isn’t specific to this hue. Tricorn black does come in a matte finish but can also be purchased in finishes that give off more shine if that’s what you’re looking for.

This color in a matte finish, however, would without a doubt be stunning. Matte finishes offer a softer appearance which can make it a more welcoming choice for an at home feel.

Tricorn Black: Conclusion

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is the go-to choice over other colors due to its bold presentation and blending ability. A true black with unequaled contrast, it fits into a variety of areas from the dining room to interior doors and the like. No undertone and an endless amount of complementary colors make this neutral black an easy choice.

Without doubt one of the best black paint colors on the market, Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is a safe and stylish choice for your next home project.