Transform An Old Plant Pot Into A Trendy Sisal Planter

Whether you are a passionate gardener and your home is full of plants or you have only one, I’m sure you would agree that a pot can completely change the look of our green friends. To me, it’s just like with the clothes – the right dress can instantly make you stand out from the crowd and shine. And that’s one of the reasons why I’m always on a look out for cool pots for my flowers.

Cool Sisal Planter

Recently, I noticed that one of the popular pot trends (in case you didn’t know pots can be trendy too!) are string planters. They are made out of sisal and are absolutely adorable due to their simplicity and the fact that they fit all the different interior styles adding a bit of texture and warmness, no matter where you place them.

Transform an old planter with rope

I’m sure there are many places where you can buy these kinds of sisal pots but I believe that recycling is a great thing hence, before I decide to shop home decoration, I always think if there is a possibility to make them at home with things I already own.  Bingo! In this case, you really don’t need much to start the project. It took me only 20 minutes and I’m totally in love with the result. Have a look at the supplies list and the simplest method to do a sisal pot yourself:

Cool Sisal Planter Materials

You will need:

  • an old flower pot
  • a thick sisal strin
  • very strong glue or a hot glue gun


1. First of all wash your pot well to make sure, there is no dirt or dust on it.

2. Once it’s dry and ready, place it front of you and squeeze out a good amount of the glue around the base of your pot.

Cool Sisal Planter Glue

3. Using a piece of paper or a brush, spread out the glue evenly on the surface of your pot.

Spread the glue on planter

4. Start off by making a knot out of sisal. In this way, it is going to be much easier to wrap it around the pot.

Start with rope

5. Wrap the sisal around the pot, by pressing it well to the glue and securing it to the surface.

Wrap the sisal around

6. Using the same method, continue wrapping until all your pot is covered with sisal.

Cool Sisal Planter Continue wrapping
Cool Sisal Planter Almost done

7. Cut the remaining part of the sisal and wait for the glue to dry well (I left it for a few hours to be sure it dried well)

Cool Sisal Planter Cut

9. Now your pot is ready and you can dress up your plants!

Cool Sisal Planter Display

This is such an easy and quick project that anyone can do with an old pot or container. I tried placing it in different corners of my home, and it looks equally well, but I like it the most next to my white sofa, as it truly pops out there. Such a pretty, little addition to have.

Beach inspired sisal planter
Cool Sisal Planter Transformation
Cool Sisal Planter

So what do you think of this transformation?  Are you also loving the trend of sisal plant pots?

Are you going to make one for your home?