Touch Faucets by Hego WaterDesign

HEGO presented the new collection I. WO, I.WO.e which are 2 projects in stainless steel, formally similar but with two souls, two technologies and two different interfaces and an electronic design which puts the controls at your fingertips with touch buttons.This modern faucet comes with a spout which can be angled to your needs, bringing customizable comfort to your bathroom. And since we live in a digital era and everything else is digital, why not a digital bathroom faucet, too?

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The guys from HEGO must have thought like this when they designed the Touch faucets and then released them on the market. The faucet works like most of our electronic appliances: there is a special button for each feature and you only need to press the right button in order to get what you want. There is one button for turning off/on the water, one for increasing the volume, for decreasing it, for hot or cold water, etc.

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There are also two little wheels behind the tap, also used for commanding it. In this case my advice is to read the technical book before you actually use it because otherwise you might meet some difficulties.