Totem Bookcase

When I was in college i lived together with my other five colleagues in one room. So there were five beds and five closets there. And everything we needed to bring in the room had to be carefully weighed, to see if it really was necessary because we needed all the space we could get. That is why we all dealt with the space problem in our way, trying to find new ways of storing things in as little space as possible. This is when I discovered I could use the vertical line of the room, since the horizontal one was already too busy. Totem Bookcase seems now just the thing we were looking for some twelve years ago.

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The name of this unusual bookcase comes from the Totem poles the Amerindians have in the middle of their tribes, cherished and respected, being the guide and supervisor, the representative of the gods in the tribe. Any way, the bookcase is rather tall and slim, looking like the perfect totem and also the perfect place for storing small books or even CDs or DVDs. It is made of powder-coated steel that is afterwards painted in black or white. There is a weighed base that makes the bookcase more stable and the price for the item is $449.