Top 10 Skylines Around the World

Ever wondered how Manhattan looks like when seen from above or how stunning Hong Kong is at night? These are just two of the most amazing cities around the world with the most mesmerizing skylines. So if you’re planning a trip or if you simply want to capture the beauty of some of the world’s most amazing cities take a look at these images. It doesn’t get more inspiring than this.

Calgary, Alberta.

Situated at the confluence of two rivers (the Bow River and the Elbow River), Calgary is a city dominated by foothills and prairie which offer beautiful panoramic views but the urban area is just as charming, if not even more.

Photograph by Jim Boud.

Toronto, Canada.

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A stunning image of the city of Toronto which is situated on the northeastern shore of Lake Ontario. It’s the largest city of Ontario and you can definitely appreciate its entire beauty in this magnificent photo taken at night.

Photograph by Rob Smith Photography.

Manhattan, New York City.

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The most densely populated area of New York and probably also in the United States offers some of the most amazing views. This image captures the essence of this busy city.

Photograph by David Gardener.

Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong is truly spectacular at night. Its high towers rise and the light is reflected into the delta that encloses the city. In fact, the city is famous for its expansive skyline.

Photograph by Spren Ben.

Paris, France.

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Paris is also known as “The City of Love” or “The City of Light” and it’s easy to see how there nicknames were created. The laws related to the height and shape of the buildings also shaped the city. The Eiffel Tower thus seems even more imposing this way.

Photograph by Taylor Miles.

Los Angeles, California.

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Nicknamed the City of Angels, L.A. is home to many unique landmarks, some of which you can see in this photo. The large towers resemble guardians looking over the entire city.

Photograph by William Graf.

Melbourne, Australia.

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As the name suggests, Melbourne is an urban agglomeration area. It is also a city recognized for its mix of modern architecture and 19th and 20th century buildings. You can clearly see here this interesting mix of styles.

Photograph by Dean.

Shanghai, China.

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It may not look like it, but Shanghai is the largest city by population in the world. It has a rich collection of buildings featuring various architectural styles. A series of very distinctive and eccentric buildings added to the collection in the recent years and you can see some of them here.

Photograph by Markus Bahlmann.

Dallas, Texas.

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Dallas’ skyline is a blend of architectural styles combining structures from the 19th and 20th century and buildings from the modernist and postmodernist eras. Large towers stand out throughout the city.

Photograph by Gary Hymes.

Houston, Texas.

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Houston has the 3rd tallest skyline in North America and is dominated by tall skyscrapers. At night, they blend in with the other structures.

Photograph by An Nguyen Photography.