The Technivorm Grand Coffee Maker aka the Moccamaster

Prepare to taste the best coffee flavor you can get with the new Technivorm Grand Coffee Maker. Available at the price of $370, this beauty will provide you with the best coffee you have ever tasted, right there in the comfort of your home. After all, it didn’t get the nickname Moccamaster, also written on it, for nothing.

This amazing coffee maker is not a revolutionary creation in terms of technological improvements. It’s a model that uses the technology we already have in a new way. We could say that it makes the best out of what we know without feeling the need for new improvements on that level. So let’s analyze it a little. The Moccamaster appears to be used a copper heating element that helps it keep the water temperature between 195º and 205º. This allows it to ensure the best possible flavor.

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Of course, the user further benefits from more than that. The coffee maker also features an insulated steel container with a capacity of 64 oz. this container keeps the coffee nice and hot even after it’s done and allows you to enjoy the same taste even for your second cup. This eliminates the need to either reheat the coffee or to keep the coffee maker running for periods of time longer than required for preparing the coffee. Moccamaster also features a 9-hole spray arm for an even soak and it can brew you a perfect pot of coffee in just 8 minutes.Available for 374 euros.