The Staple sofa bed by Alexander Seifried

This is the Staple sofa bed. It’s a very practical and functional piece of furniture. The sofa is part of the Staple collection and it was designed by Alexander Seifried in 2007. It still offers a very modern design. The great thing about this piece is that it’s an extendable unit. However, not in the way you would expect it to be. Most sofa beds have a system that allows them either to have their backrests lowered at the same level as the seat or to be simply pulled down and turned into a bed. Some of them are not really comfortable because the seat is usually softer than the back and this creates discomfort for the user. The Staple sofa bed is different both in terms of design and technicality.

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The Staple sofa bed is composed of two single beds placed one on top of the other. The backrest is removable. The piece served as a chic sofa during the day and either as a single or twin bed during the night. All you need to do is lift the top part and put it next to the other. The Staple sofa bed is great for children’s rooms or for students. It has a double function and it takes little space. It’s a very flexible piece of furniture and it has a modern and chic design.

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The Staple sofa bed is also perfect for guest bedrooms. You never know if you’ll need a single or a twin bed so why not be prepared for both situations. It takes space for one and it comfort for two. The Staple sofa also comes in several bright and vibrant colors and color combinations. You can choose between the black, red or white versions. Of course, because of its unconventional design, the Staple sofa bed no longer offers the option of storing the bedding in the trunk. Instead you can use a bed sack. Conveniently, the sack is also the backrest.