The Sma Wash faucet concept by Su Jian Xiong

We’re living in a world that’s constantly changing and evolving. We’re surrounded by technology and we sometimes forget that it wasn’t always like this. We now add electronics to our everyday life, we have digital controls for the bathtubs and showers and we enjoy everything that makes our lives easier. It this case, it seems only natural to also have a digitalized faucet.

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This is Sma Wash, a smart faucet with a very unique design. It was designed by Su Jian Xiong and it introduces a whole new concept regarding out everyday life. This digitalized faucet dispenses soap and water in a very interesting and original way. The water fans out and gets a beautiful blue color. This current trend that adds a technological side to everything we use has both aspects. On one hand it’s an indicator of the progress human kind makes and the huge difference between the way people used to live a few decades ago and the way we live now. On the other hand, in this particular case, it’s a step forwards regarding out hygiene.

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This unique digitalized faucet not only that dispenses water in a very interesting way but it also has a futuristic design. The touchscreen and the automatic system make it a very modern creation, one that will definitely become a beautiful addition in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms owned by gadget lovers.{found on yankodesign}.