The modular Jacob bookcase by Clark Art Center

Bookcases aren’t what they used to be before. However, this doesn’t mean they should be. Change is not always bad. In fact, in this case we can say that bookcase designs have improved significantly. The Jacob bookcase is an example that shows exactly how different a modern bookcase can be from a traditional one. The Jacob bookcase is a modular piece of furniture that has a flexible design and that can take different shapes according to the space available and the user’s needs.

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The Jacob bookcase was designed by the Brazilian studio Clark Art Center. The bookcase has a design inspired by the Jacob’s Ladder toy. It has a design as playful as the toy itself but on a whole different dimension. The Jacob bookcase is composed of five modules. They all have the same dimensions and they are square-shaped. These units or modules can be sued to form all sorts of shapes and designs. You can play with them just like you did with the blocks when you were a kid.

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The five square modules are made of wood. They are joined together by nylon stripes. Even though there are only five modules, the designs and shape you can create with them are surprisingly many. This is a piece of furniture that you’ll never get bored with. Whenever you feel need to change something in the décor, just come up with a different shape for the bookcase. It allows you to creatively adapt it to the space you have available and it’s both fun and functional.