The casual Remi Blanket Box

With a simple and casual design, the Remi Blanket Box is a beautiful piece for the bedroom. It’s a very beautiful item crafted by artisans and it has a rustic look that makes it warm and cozy, perfect for the bedroom. It also has a versatile design. The box would look best sited by the bed and it can be used to store blankets, pillows and other similar items. It has a double function as it is both useful as a storage unit and a beautiful accessory for the hone.

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The Remi Blanket box is available at prices between 559.41 and 479.38 euros. It has been crafted by hand by skilled artisans and it’s made from banana leaf and finished with mango wood and mahogany. It resembles one of those boxed filled with all sorts of items and little treasures. It has, however, a more practical use. It will keep your blankets and other bedroom supplies safe and hidden and it will help you keep your room clean and organized.

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The overall dimensions of the box are 55″ wide x 18″ deep x 18″ high. The natural materials used to craft the box also give it a unique and authentic look. It’s a handcrafted product so small differences can occur in terms of details and texture. This is not considered a defect but rather a unique feature of each box. The box has real leather handles that make it easy to transport and to move around. It’s detailed with brass hardware.Available for 476 euros.