The 2013 Homedit Christmas Gift Guide

It can be very difficult to find great gifts which are also inexpensive. It’s especially challenging now when there are only a few days till Christmas. But we can solve the problem. We have gathered a list of wonderful home gifts you can offer this year and they all cost under $100.

Teak measuring spoons
Teak measuring spoons

For example, we found these lovely measuring spoons. They are made of teak wood and they’re a must-have for baking. They come in sets of four and they’re eco-friendly. However, they’re not dishwasher safe.Available on site.

Cutting board ipad stand
Wooden Cookbook Stand

These days nobody uses printed cookbooks anymore. It’s easier to find anything you want on the internet. So how about a beech wood stand for the tablet? It has a collapsible design and a conversion chart printed on the back.Available for 33$.

Mrk expert pinch pots
Universal Expert Pinch Pots

Here’s another nice gift for someone who enjoys cooking and combining spices. It’s a collection of 4 jars made of glass and with stainless steel lids. They’re perfect when all you need is a pinch of salt or herbs for the soup.Available for 49$.

Wooden candle stick
Aiden Candlestick

Candlesticks are popular Christmas gifts because they’re nice for the décor and they can also be useful when you’re planning a romantic dinner for example. These are hand-turned and hand-finished and they come in various sizes.From 39$.

Acacia serving tray with handle

Another nice gift can be an acacia serving dish like this one. It has a center handle so it makes it easy to serve small appetizers. It measures 12” across and it’s 7-3/4” high. Make sure you hand-wash to avoid damage to the wood.Available for 39$.

Cappucino mugs
Cappuccino cup

These are the WOOD/WOOD/WOOD Cappuccino cups designed by Icelandic artist Ingibjörg Hanna. They are available in natural and black finishes and they’re made of beech wood. The wood makes it easier to handle the cup and it also gives it an interesting look.Available for 35$.

Spaghetti measuring tool
Spaghetti measuring tool

In case you can’t figure out what this is, well it’s a spaghetti measuring tool. It allows you to find out how much spaghetti you need for small, adult and family portions. It’s available in steel but also in green and white plastic.Available for 15$.

Architectural bookends

This set of two Skyline Bookends is perfect for the office as well for the home library or bookshelf. They keep the books upright and they also look interesting. Each bookend measures 6 X 3.1 X 9.7″.Available for 40$.

Funny pillow
Love Birds Pillowcase

Let’s now take a look at a more playful gift. This is a pillowcase set with a very simple but also fun design. The Love Birds pillowcase set is available in green tea, white, mocha and cream and it three sizes. The birds are painted with permanent water-based ink.Available for 32$.

Colorful tray
Kaleido Trays

Another interesting gift idea can be this set of trays. The Kaleido Trays are designed by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay. They’re modular, stackable and nestable and they’re made of boldly colored powder-coated steel.Available for 13$.

Flatware caddy
Vintage Flatware caddy

If you want to offer something that’s useful and also has style, then maybe you’ll like this flatware caddy. It has three mango wood containers inside an iron frame and it’s perfect for serving utensils, napkins and flatware. The caddies are removable and it can be monogrammed.Available for 53$.

Globe garden
Airplant garden

Some people enjoy gifts which are purely for décor. If that’s the case, then you’ll love this one. It’s an airplant garden which means it doesn’t need soil. It comes with an aerated glass globe and natural vase filters and it also includes driftwood, shells, moss and sand.Available for 37$.

Leather drink coaster
Leather drink coaster

You can never go wrong with coasters. Everybody needs them and you can never have too many, especially when they’re so good-looking. This is a set of 6 leather coasters. They’re made of natural leather with hand stitching and they can be monogrammed.Available for 31$.

Modern wine rack
Modern wine rack

Another nice idea for a gift can be a small wine rack which is useful and it can also be a decorative piece. This one can display 4 bottles of wine and it has a compartment where you can store accessories like the corkscrew or the bottle opener. It’s made of powder-coated stainless steel and beech wood.Available for 77$.

Ceramic flower vases
Carla Peters Crystalline Vases

A set of vases can also be a lovely gift. These are designed by Dutch artist Carla Peters and they have a frosted look given by the hand-applied crustal reactive glaze. They are available in four shapes and sizes.From 26$.

Kinit pouf
Pouf Croche

How about a nice cozy pouf? It’s very versatile and very useful in any home. This one comes in several colors and it’s made of cotton and polyester. It has a removable outer cover and it measures 50cm x 30cm. It’s a handmade item.Available for 91$.

2014 Los Angeles calendar

A calendar is not exactly a unique gift idea but it can be if it’s a fine art calendar like this one. It has 13 loose pages with beautiful images representing shots of L.A. So it’s not just purely functional but also nice for displaying in the office or anywhere else.Available for 24$.

Wine storage glass
Wood wine caddy

This is a wine caddy which is handmade from shipping pallets. The caddy holds two wine glasses on a wine bottle and it’s an interesting piece which would make a nice gift.Available for 33$.

Cutting board wood
Salvaged wood with neon pink detail

Another nice gift for a food lover can be this serving platter. It’s made entirely of reclaimed materials and it has a simple and functional design. It has a leather handle which allows you to hang it to save space.Available for 68$.