Textures that Work Well in Any Space

Textures are an important part of décor: they link the theme of your room and can provide color or boldness in a flash. However, choosing the right textures is not always easy. Make your DIY decorating job easier by using textures that work in any space and with any design theme.

Polished Wood.

Polished wood
Wood can Evoke Cosiness and Trendiness

Wood is a versatile texture as it can be used in many different colors (think dark or light shades), as well as textures. Polished wood is probably the most versatile because it can work with traditional as well as trendy décor styles. Wood always brings a sense of warmth and class to your surroundings.

Smooth leather.

Leather bar stool
Hints of Leather Keep a Kitchen Chic

Leather is classy and sophisticated, but you can adapt it to being trendy and masculine, too.

Leather headboard
Leather Panels in the Headboard

Leather can work in varying degrees to bring home the kind of décor style that you want to achieve in a room. Using small leather trimmings add style without much fuss.


Velvet curtain and seating1
Velvet Adds Luxurious Atmosphere to a Room

Velvet, such as in the form of sofa cushions or trimmings, can be a great way to achieve a bit of elegance. Use it in small bursts to give any space a more luxurious feeling and don’t be afraid to try it in colorful shades.

Smooth Textures.

Traditional rug
Soft Textures Add Harmony

If you have a lot going on with the décor of a space, try bringing in some smooth textures to balance out the room. These include ceramic lamps or acrylic tables. They don’t clash with the bolder items in the room and also create a sense of co-ordination.

Exposed Brick.

Exposed brick
Brick Walls Create a City Loft Feeling

Exposed brick walls can be great in a loft or room where they give an industrial feeling, but they can also be used in modern or shabby chic spaces because they add a bit of roughness that can balance nicely with more lacquered décor looks.

Glaze Your Paint.

Dining room carpet
Textured Paint is an Easy Way to Provide Depth to a Room

One of the easiest ways to achieve texture in a room is to glaze your paint. This makes your bare walls appear much more appealing. Glazed paint can help to make a space more fun or it can create a sense of warmth in a room.

Hot Metals.

Kitchen stainless
Metal works with Various Materials

Metals are a hot trend in décor, but they are also classic pieces. If you have decorated your room with wood, don’t think that you should not bring in a stunning metal accessory because these can work in harmony together.

Brass bathtub
Bronze Bathtub as a Style Accessory

Metals, such as in the form of gold or bronze, work beautifully with wood as well as many other fabrics or materials in the home.

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