Tempered Glass Vessel Sink for a fresh and modern look

You might not realize, it but people spend significant amounts of time in the bathroom and they perceive it as the ultimate intimate location. It’s only natural to try to create a pleasing décor in there. For those who are currently renovating and even for those who just want to make a change in their homes, we just stumbled across a very delicate and beautiful vessel sink that seems perfect for just about any type of décor.

Vanity Bathroom Bath Sink Premium Quality

This Tempered Glass Vessel Sink features a stylish and chic design, with soft curved lines and a delicate silhouette. Match it with an equally gracious vessel sink faucet and it will look even better. You’ll also have to place it on something because it can’t just be suspended or mounted on the wall.

I particularly like this design because it seems so delicate and innocent, so stylish and fragile when it’s actually quite strong and durable and one of the most versatile products there are. It features a ½’’ thickness. This gracious sink is available for the price of $34.95. You can also use the opportunity to browse through some faucet options and find something matching and equally beautiful. The product is easy to install and it offers high quality for a reasonable price. There’s also a similar design but in clear glass, in case you prefer that one.