One Manhattan West: Modern Skyscraper Used as Office Building

One Manhattan West is a modern skyscraper in New York City. It’s part of the Manhattan West property and is the city’s 18th tallest building.

The Bare Essentials: One Manhattan West

One Manhattan West

One Manhattan West is 995 feet tall with 67 stories. Construction finished in 2019. It’s part of the Manhattan West property, which has 7 million square feet developed by Brookfield Properties. It’s the tallest building in the development.

 The building has 2.1 million square feet of floor space, which is occupied by shops, businesses, and attractions. The biggest business in the building is Ernst & Young, which takes up 18 floors.

One Manhattan was built shortly after The Eugene, also known as Three Manhattan West. Five Manhattan West was on the property first. It was built in 1969, but it was remodeled in 2014 to fit in with the two newer buildings.

The tower has a rectangular structure with a reinforced concrete core. Part of the lower portion hangs over the train tracks leading to Penn Station.


Most of One Manhattan West is leased by businesses for office space. Ernst & Young, National Hockey League (NHL), Accenture, and McKool Smith are a few businesses that occupy floors.

One Manhattan also has several shops, such as Black Fox Coffee Co, the NHL Shop, and Zou Zou’s. The Pendry Hotel is also attached.

Some shops and amenities at the other two buildings include Whole Foods, Starbucks, O.P.R. Eyewear, Rothman, Public Rec, City National Bank, and Peloton Studios.


There’s a One Manhattan West plaza outside the building that has outdoor seating and greenery for guests. Pets are welcome in the outdoor spaces but not inside the shops.

There are often events at the Manhattan West development, such as outdoor concerts, art installations, and holiday parties.

The Midnight Theatre, which has live shows, is located at One Manhattan West. Outside the building, there’s an ice skating rink known as the Rink, which is only open in the winter.


One Manhattan West is fully powered by renewable energy. Brookfield Renewable owns and operates over 70 hydropower plants in New York to provide renewable energy to buildings owned by Brookfield Properties.

Brookfield Properties is on track to meet its goal of net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner. They help One Manhattan West tenants track energy usage and reduce carbon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is One Manhattan West Near Public Transportation?

Yes, One Manhattan West is within walking distance of 34 St Penn Station and several bus stops.

Are There Public Restrooms at Manhattan West?

Yes, there are public restrooms across from the Whole Foods entrance in Five Manhattan West.

Does Manhattan West Have a Parking Garage?

No, there’s no parking garage at Manhattan West.

How Far is One Manhattan West From Times Square?

One Manhattan West is just under a mile from Times Square. So, it’s about a 9-minute drive or an 18-minute walk.

How Far is One Manhattan West From New Jersey?

It’s only about a 9-minute drive to get from Manhattan West to New Jersey.