Stylish shelves with a roof-inspired design

Furniture comes in many styles, shapes and sizes. The inspiration from a particular design can come from anywhere, even from the curves of a roof like in this case. These beautiful shelves have a very simple but very ingenious design. The units feature a simple frame and a series of shelves sustained by panels featuring a curved surface, just like the roofs from Spanish and Mediterranean architecture.

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The shelves were designed by Jungeun Kang. Their design is quite simple and clever. The units feature a frame and a series of shelves supported by the outer part of the curves. The panels only have curves on the inside. These lines are not just for display. They have a mainly practical function. Given the shapes of the panels and the simplicity of the design, these are very functional pieces of furniture. The curves that are supporting the shelves allow the user to quickly and very easily remove the shelves and adjust their position.

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The result is a modular piece of furniture but in the traditional sense. The shelves can be removed and adjusted at any time and this allows the user the change their position and to personalize the units according to his needs. It’s surprising how something as trivial as a roof can be the inspiration source for such an interesting piece of furniture.