Stylish nautical bathroom makeover

Styles and trends change all the time. What once used to be stylish now it can be just old. There was a time when traditional décors used to be fashionable but now people tend to want to replace them with something more modern. This bathroom for example used to look quite beautiful. However, as timed passed, it became ugly and old and in desperate need of a makeover.

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The owners decided to change that so they started renovating the bathroom. It took them three weeks to complete all the work and they had a budget of $7500. Since the bathroom was in such bad condition, several drastic changes had to be made. There was a sort of wall there and did not nothing but take space. As a result, it has been removed.

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This bathroom is most of the time used by a three-year-old boy but it’s also a guest bathroom. The new design had to be appealing to both children and adults. The glass block wall was removed from the middle of the room and the water pipes were reconfigured in order to replace the wall alcove bathtub with a freestanding pedestal tub.

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Floor to ceiling tiles have then been installed and the atmosphere instantly got brighter and more appealing. The bathroom also got a custom made wooden vanity and a vessel sink. Curtains were added to replace the wall. It’s a much more practical solution and it also makes the room seem fresh and modern. The bathroom is now unrecognizable. It’s a much more inviting and friendly space. It has a modern interior design, simple but chic. It also has plenty of storage and the best part is that the niches basically take no space.{found on bellevivir}.