Stylish Dining Rooms From Cattelan Italia

The dining room, whether it’s a separate space or part of an open plan, is an important portion of any home. It’s a social space and its design needs to be carefully chosen and planned. The interior design of a dining room says a lot about the owner so try to personalize it as much as possible without making it feel overwhelming. There are numerous styles and options to choose from. We have selected a few examples offered by Cattelan Italia.

Dining table at home

This collection of dining room furniture impresses with the simplicity of the designs and the very beautiful modern twist. As you can see, the dining table is the centerpiece of this zone. Most models presented here feature a transparent and minimalist design. The base of the table becomes the star of the design while the top is purely functional. The geometric shapes play an important role in this collection.

Dining for three

Color coordinated room

Classic dining room

Chic dining room

Black white dining room

Yellow dining room

Wonderful room

Table on tripod

This furniture series includes models and designs suitable for all tastes and preferences. So whether you prefer a round table or a rectangular table, a glass table or a wooden table or whether you want dining room to feel elegant or casual, you can find here options to suit your needs.

Table for two

Spacious dining room with table

Sophisticated dining room

Simple subtle dining room

Scintillating dining room

Pristine white dining room

Perfect dining for two

Glass top dining table

Although each piece is unique and different, they all share chic, sophisticated and contemporary designs that would allow them to stand out in your home. All you have to do is plan the rest of the interior décor. Given the type of design featured by the pieces from this collection, something simple or minimalist would be a nice idea.